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Synonyms for backstop

(baseball) the person who plays the position of catcher

(baseball) a fence or screen (as behind home plate) to prevent the ball from traveling out of the playing field

a precaution in case of an emergency

act as a backstop

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In its impact analysis, the EBA provided some considerations about the design of the statutory prudential backstop as well as some quantitative evidence about the different specifications of the backstop.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute ("TEI"), we write to comment on the Technical Paper on the Federal Carbon Pricing Backstop ("Technical Paper") released by the Department of Finance ("Finance").
Banks should report on the compliance with the prudential provisioning backstop outlined in this addendum at least annually and explain deviations to the supervisor," the draft said.
She said, 'We are working on a backstop and we need a backstop for the Single Resolution Fund (SRF).
Backstop questioned leading institutional investors about their firm's budget allocation to address new threats and their confidence in their firm's ability to recover from a potential attack as a way to allow them to benchmark their preparedness against their industry colleagues.
Brown expects that pricing will increase and the availability of terrorism coverage will decrease if the backstop expires.
The question is even tougher considering that such a backstop would be foreseen for states not in the eurozone but taking part in the resolution mechanism.
The Commission has proposed that the Balance of Payments Mechanism include a bank recapitalisation instrument for the same reason that one is available for euro area countries under the ESM: to provide a credible public backstop at the European level capable of reassuring supervisors and market participants that financial stability will be assured," Simon O'Connor, a spokesman for the commission, said by e-mail.
Yet, he also said that another public backstop might be needed if cash strapped governments could not plug gaps identified in banks' balance sheets.
Indaba has also agreed to fully backstop the company's proposed USD12.
The third and fourth station check for plunger rod and backstop presence.
A backstop is often set behind the trap, to stop any bullets that miss the trap.
Do I see instructor Chip Beaman standing in front of a pile of dirt covered in rocks as his backstop ["Dial or Hold?
The group is thought to have agreed to set up a pounds 1bn backstop fund to meet the Financial Services Authority's (FSA) concerns about the adequacy of its capital reserves, following the acquisition of AIA.