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a stay that supports the back of something

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Miscellaneous steel items: Handrails (straight and stair), ladders (with and without safety cages), gratings, chequered plates, stair and stair tread backstay holders and electrostatic precipitator components, skids and ducts.
I left off, gentlemen, where the Lakeman shook the backstay.
Twin steering wheels are located forward in the cockpit and behind are the mainsail trimmers and obligatory running backstay crew.
The GL560 has a deck stepped, alloy Z-Spars 9/10th rig from another local La Rochelle company, with in-mast furling Elvstrom mainsail, supported by outboard wire shrouds and double backstays.
A two-spreader Southern Spars carbon mast carries a square-headed North mainsail, twin running backstays, and a large asymmetric spinnaker is flown from a fixed carbon bowsprit (removable for transport).
The rig is alloy as standard with a carbon option and is supported by twin (adjustable) backstays and outboard shrouds.
A high modulus Southern Spars carbon rig is supported up by nitronic rod and kevlar running backstays with a gas-operated vang.
B&G electronics and push-button hydraulic controls are logically arranged and close at hand, whilst the main sheet traveller and hydraulic Harken 990's for the running backstays are located aft of the helm positions.
At sea I found plenty of space behind the grinding crew to trim the running backstays and Kirby has been happy with the layout.
My position was nothing particularly demanding (setting the running backstays on each tack) and it didn't draw on what I considered to be my extensive knowledge of racing tactics (no one asked me anything), but I was part of a crew