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secret and sly or sordid

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The Queen Mother was flanked by her steward, Coventry-born William Tallon - affectionately known as Backstairs Billy.
That was a clear reference to the backstairs bickering often fuelled by arch enemies Francis and Brady - with the volatile Sullivan often heating the controversial debate to red-hot temperatures.
The Queen Mother's 65-year-old steward, William Tallon - nicknamed Backstairs Billy - who grew up in Norman Place Road, Coundon, was named in the Queen's birthday honours list.
In 1960, he began performing in panto and only stopped three years ago when he found himself wheezing up some backstairs trying to get on stage.
William Hague makes all the speeches, but the main event is a backstairs plot to get rid of him once the election is over.
An hour after an exhausting and emotional lap of honour, interviews with newspaper, television and radio people, McStay was content with a glass of water on a freezing cold slab on concrete in the backstairs at the ground.
He said : "Rather than a coalition stitched up in a backstairs deal which ties partners to programme for a full Parliament, I believe alliances will be formed on an issue by issue basis.
But he certainly won't be if he keeps on treating Camilla like a backstairs mistress.
But long before Putin's backstairs embrace of Donald Trump's candidacy, Syria had illustrated the limitations of a president who always tiptoed through the tulips.
Plausible deniability" is built into backstairs accords, but Whitehall sources are adamant a deal was on offer, not on the fiscal framework or the status of shopworkers in Scotland, but the status of the SNP leadership.
They also added Irfan and his other family members have illegally encroached on the houses of Mission Hospital and also using police backstairs influences.
But the fact the Swiss, 79, voiced this claim - along with the suggestion UEFA chief Michel Platini (above) and French president Nicolas Sarkozy had scuppered a backstairs deal to award the 2022 World Cup to the USA by instead backing Qatar - was bizarre even by Blatter's standards.
She said: "Corbyn came from nowhere to take the Labour leadership and Sanders is creeping up the backstairs in the presidential election.
An official of the Prime Minster was marshaled to take signatures from the Ministry of State and Frontier Regions on the bill backstairs.
Santo Loquasto, SET & COSTUME DESIGN: The play takes place in the day of Long Day's Journey, only it's the backstairs aspect--the stiff world of the cook and Kathleen (who is the "second girl," the only character who appears in both plays).