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secret and sly or sordid

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As previously reported, the former Page of the Backstairs died, aged 71, at his home in Kennington, south London, on November 24.
BACKSTAIRS BILLY: The Queen Mother's trusted servant Coventry- born Billy Tallon manages a smile for the crowds
The indie rockers, who have sparked interest with their fast, catchy tunes such as Creeping Up The Backstairs and Henrietta which made the top 20, claim they'll rock the chart-topping Monkeys off the stage at Leeds and Reading's Carling Weekender later this month.
He said: "There have been and there will be no backstairs pacts, deals, offers, understandings or agreements.
The up and coming Glasgow band, who are causing a sensation with their debut single Creeping Up The Backstairs, have been given the task of drawing revellers away from the main stage when they headline Sunday's Futures stage at Balado.
Billy Tallon, aged 66, royal steward and Page of the Backstairs, emerged yesterday to look at floral tributes at Clarence House.
The Glaswegian trio are destined for big things in the coming year, provided they can keep up the feel-good factor engendered by Creepin' Up The Backstairs.
It didn't help to see William Tallon, known as Backstairs Billy, walking just behind the grandchildren, the great-grandchildren and the nephews of Queen Elizabeth.
Mr Tallon, aged 66, who is known as Backstairs Billy because of his role as Page of the Backstairs, was unavailable for comment yesterday.
Mr Tallon, 66, dubbed Backstairs Billy because of his title Page of the Backstairs, told a friend: "Being someone who was so close to her, I felt I would have been one of the first to know.
In 1960, he began performing in panto and only stopped three years ago when he found himself wheezing up some backstairs trying to get on stage.
Mr Tallon, 66, dubbed Backstairs Billy because of his title as Page of the Backstairs, led her household staff in mourning.
The Queen Mother was flanked by her steward, Coventry-born William Tallon - affectionately known as Backstairs Billy.
He spoke to Jackie Meakin, her faithful dresser, and Leslie Chapel, page of the backstairs, who were rarely far from their mistress's side in her final weeks.