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Synonyms for backspace

the typewriter key used for back spacing

hit the backspace key on a computer or typewriter keyboard

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Since users are allowed a large number of characters in their passwords, they can set up a phrase of common words with interspersed punctuation, backspaces, and so forth, thereby creating some very difficult-to-crack passwords.
The backspace key backspaces and erases, the delete key deletes forward and the arrow keys move the cursor in the direction of the arrow.
One relatively simple TND spelling error problem occurs because some old style TDDs lack a backspace key and many TDD users still have a habit of typing a string of X's in place of backspaces.
A small portion of the spelling errors found in TDD text, approximately 10%, appear to be due to problems that are specific to the TDD environment, such as random line noise and TDD backspace key problems.
Support for the "sliding" feature has been supplemented for quick entry of spaces, backspaces, capitals and new lines.