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the typewriter key used for back spacing

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On the Page tab, I click inside the textbox for "by 1 tall" and use the backspace key to clear the 1.
When Stine hits the backspace key on his typewriter, the players ``rewind'' and move backward.
I couldn't keep track of how often I pressed my backspace key or how often I deleted entire sentences and paragraphs because I knew whatever I wanted to say--it just had to be right.
Use backspace key to delete achieve the outcome listed under parts of the URL (from right to the objective left) 3.
Big Keys Plus[TM] One-inch square keys, Greystone Digital including shift key, Win/Mac backspace key, punctuation $119.
Their goal was simple: create a space for experimentation and improvisation in their writing--all in public and without a backspace key.
Dye was clear about what he needed for optimal efficiency: a numeric keypad with a display so the student can see the numbers as entered, with a backspace key to correct errors.
Research also showed the backspace key is the third most pressed key on the keyboard behind the spacebar itself and the letter e but constantly striking backspace breaks a person s typing stride because of its location on the top right-hand corner of the keyboard.
Above the Backspace key, where Delete is traditionally found, is the Series 5 550′s power button and, to the left of it is a series of 'function' keys for brightness, volume, back, forward and taking a screenshot.
The calculator has an increased memory capacity and important functions such as Cost-Sell-Margin, Grand Total, Sign Change and Backspace Key.
Since the space bar is easy to find, errors can be corrected without hitting the wrong key while aiming for the out-of-the-way backspace key.
Participants usually corrected these errors by using the backspace key to erase one character at a time.
Logitech developed new Vista gadgets: a status indicator for caps lock, num lock and scroll lock; a typing-speed indicator; and an error-rate tracker that calculates the number of times the user hits the backspace key.
New Layout - VisiKey(R) keyboards are adopting a more traditional keyboard layout by standardizing the size of the enter key and increasing the size of the backspace key.