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Synonyms for backsliding

a slipping from a higher or better condition to a lower or poorer one

Synonyms for backsliding

a failure to maintain a higher state

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In addition, backsliding is a real risk with Lean programs, so be aware of the potential causes and consequences of lost momentum.
qualify for the exception allowing backsliding if the permittee, after
President Obama's stimulus measures, including extending tax cuts for the rich, should prevent the US economy from backsliding
The backsliding against poverty in the 2000s is most notable among the least advantaged, who happened to be the same groups that made the most progress in the 1990s.
The meeting between the two leaders is likely to anger Palestinians, who are already frustrated by what they perceive as backsliding by the Obama administration on the contentious issue of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.
In too many areas, like emissions of carbon dioxide from offices, it has made little or no progress and in others it is backsliding.
In times of economic difficulty, voters want greater support for equal pay measures, not backsliding.
You've made major leaps, but today is the day you've gotta watch out for backsliding.
Now the task is to build on the success, without watering down standards, without taking control from communities, and without backsliding and calling it reform.
Current Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has adopted the same backsliding attitude without missing a beat.
In the Exodus narrative, Moses is offered in contrast to the people's response as embodying unswerving fidelity and missionary zeal on behalf of the truth, a true revolutionary set in relief against the backsliding people who were also given but cannot bear the difficulty of the truth.
For example, the report notes that Laos "enjoyed unprecedented success in its battle against opium in 2005," while the Ukraine is backsliding in its law enforcement attempts to control trafficking and abuse of narcotics.
I don't think there's an appetite in the marketplace today for significant backsliding.
I'm certainly not recommending any backsliding on Democrats' actual support for abortion rights," Blustain wrote.
Determined to stay on the right track, Shelby has recommitted her life to the Lord and has begun to attend weekly bible study and Sunday church services, but one night of backsliding and hanging out at the club leads her back into the life she desperately tired to avoid.