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display excessive cordiality (towards)

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SETTLE back and enjoy, as more special guests take part in Matt Lucas' offbeat backslapping gong show.
The Brit Awards 2012 ITV1, 8pm With 17 million global sales by January 2012 alone, Adele's 21 should do well at this year's backslapping ceremony as it's up for Best British Album of the Year.
Emanuel was a consummate Washington insider who thought that even the president was not above deal making and backslapping.
British Academy Film Awards (BBC1, Today, 9pm) andThe Brit Awards 2011 (STV, Tuesday, 8pm): The backslapping season gets underway with the two big awards shows.
Zack says you don't have to lake being a backslapping extrovert if you learn to use the tools to adopt a style that is true to who you are.
The 33-year-old added: "I don't think there's too much backslapping going on within the group.
A cynical way of looking at it perhaps, but these annual backslapping shindigs often have those of us at home screaming "they don't deserve it
The big laugh of the night followed a circle of men first backslapping, then face-slapping, then all-out brawling.
Political party conventions tend to be largely meaningless exercises in backslapping, elbow-rubbing and over-inflated rhetoric, but last weekend's meeting of Massachusetts Democrats in Amherst takes the prize for ideological buffoonery.
There's no doubt he's mayor when he's backslapping the L.
He has zero experience in the punishing, hand-squeezing, backslapping world of retail politics where most campaigns are won and lost.
My own happy vision of the hereafter includes a backslapping reunion with these guys, all of whom I'm sure have no one praying for them but me.
The exuberant backslapping was the kind of celebration you would expect to find in the men's locker room after a championship victory.
If there's one thing worse than a backslapping pol, it's two backslapping pols.
The new CEO made a spectacular entrance, glad-handing, backslapping, and conversant in management speak.