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an area of sand sloping down to the water of a sea or lake

land on a beach

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The aeolian dunes within the backshore region are partitioned into two communities: the open dune community and the stable dune community.
5 cm diameter) installed at 5m intervals in a grid that extended across the backshore, foredune and blowout on the dune ridge (Figure 4).
faced when it decided to shut down an outsource center in India and backshore a previously decentralized worldwide support operation.
Reconstruction of the beach allowed the waves at the height of the storm to break nearly 100 feet from the seawall, preventing it from being overtopped and causing serious backshore flooding.
Also, a new coastal storm recovery tool will assess the effects of storms to North Carolina beaches, dunes, and backshore ecosystems today and in the future.
And the new Backshore (large) and Breakwater (medium) coffee tables offer fans of EcoChic Lifestyles' Beach Buoys (small) coffee table additional size options to fit larger spaces.
The studied specimen is 84 mm long and was collected on the backshore December 27, 2005, at Hornitos Bay (22[degrees]52' S, 70[degrees]17' W).