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an area of sand sloping down to the water of a sea or lake

land on a beach

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From that point, the unpaved coastal access lane runs east along the backshore, with subsistence infrastructure on the seaward side, to the Elders Centre and the North Mart shopping complex.
The resulting horizontal uncertainty in mapping of flood limits is a function of slope ([+ or -] 5 m at a beach face slope of 6[degrees]; [+ or -] 8 m at a backshore slope of 3.
Cover was significantly greater in both the backshore and primary dunes at Site 1 (Table 1).
Locally, the Precambrian Shield in the study area consists of a Precambrian quartzite (Churchill quartzite) and recent foreshore sand deposits and backshore aeolian sandy deposits (Beals, 1968).
The purpose of the present study was: (1) to determine if the deciduous regrowth following clear-cutting in backshore boreal forests also occurs within nearshore riparian forests to such an extent as to alter the composition of allochthonous litterfall; (2) to determine if macroinvertebrates in boreal lakes differ in their early-stage colonization of deciduous (i.
Also, a new coastal storm recovery tool will assess the effects of storms to North Carolina beaches, dunes, and backshore ecosystems today and in the future.
In spite of this grouping, facies are quite different for each sequence recording a variety of backshore to offshore marine coastal environments.
The foredune (beach-margin dune) is a shore-parallel dune ridge formed at the top of the backshore (upper beach) by aeolian sand deposition within vegetation (Hesp 2002).
Photogrammetric rectification of digital aerial photography (1935-1990) and shore-zone surveys (1989-2001) show large spatial and temporal variance in coastal recession rates which is partly a function of backshore materials.