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a change from better to worse

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I later secured a complete backset from Grant Evans when he closed his La Trobe office, heading off to Hong Kong.
Such reorganization will make the State National Security Service a "monster", which a backset from the principles announced by the Interim Government, he said at the press conference today.
28], recycled polystyrene (rPS) was toughened with ethylene-octylene copolymer thermoplastic elastomer (POE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with various melt flow indexes (MFI), and compatibilized by styrene-butadiene-styrene copolymer (SBS) to enhance the toughness of rPS for use as a TV backset.
Local depressions are molded into the foam core to reduce permanent set during FMVSS-202 backset and height-retention testing.
Three children or small and narrow adults can be carried back there, although no one would want to make it an all-day trip in the backset.
Backset refers to the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the handle.
Chin PM, Ingledew WM (1994) Effect of lactic acid bacteria on wheat mash fermentations prepared with laboratory backset.
The sets included a stack of occasionally blaring TV sets, a backset second floor and side walls that supported film projections of surreal black-and-white images.
The resource itself is much more likely than in the print world to come in a modular manner, with optional extras such as the substantial fees one pays for a fuller backset of historical stock quotes on Dow Jones.