backseat driver

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a meddler who insists on giving unwanted advice

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Although intended especially for young people ages 2-8, the music album Backseat Driver by Cat's Pajamas is family-friendly listening for older siblings and parents, too
I thought the Toyota BackSeat Driver was another great piece of work that really used mobile to deliver a real-time in-car experience, or 'Pain Squad' which uses gamification to actually treat kids with cancer.
No, I will not be a backseat driver," he told delegates at the Arabian Business Forum at Dubai's swish Armani Hotel yesterday.
It's not clear, however, whether it will cancel out the sound of a backseat driver.
The backseat driver might fondly think he or she is helping but what they are actually doing is hindering.
Like Thatcher before him, he is trying to be a backseat driver of his former party, which is definitely a retrograde step for the Labour Party.
It's a new decade and a new chance to stop being a backseat driver on your career path and take the wheel to some new and exciting places.
The Backseat Driver: The backseat driver appears when you least expect him and is always a shock to drivers unused to his sporadic appearances.
The curriculum is part of MaineDOT's Backseat Driver Program, which launched in 2000 to educate fourth graders about the rules of the road.
Which makes sense, except Tommy admits he's the one who's most neurotic about playing the role of backseat driver.
I choose to view it more as being a driver's aide than a backseat driver.
I try to curb my tendency to be a backseat driver but have been known to give a word or two of advice on occasion.
Kenneth Tynan, whose field was theater, put it aptly enough in describing the critic as a backseat driver facing the wrong way.