backseat driver

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a meddler who insists on giving unwanted advice

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Either way, there''s plenty of room for 8pages of new & used motors backseat drivers in all the cars, although the raked rear hatch of the S7 limits headroom.
A student from the Holy Cross School in South Portland, ME, submitted this winning entry in MaineDOT's 2008 Backseat Driver Poster Contest.
Which makes sense, except Tommy admits he's the one who's most neurotic about playing the role of backseat driver.
I try to curb my tendency to be a backseat driver but have been known to give a word or two of advice on occasion.
If she thinks she was a good backseat driver she should meet my missus," said Sid Voale with the air of a man who knows what it's like to be told to keep turning right when he knows he should be going left.
Kenneth Tynan, whose field was theater, put it aptly enough in describing the critic as a backseat driver facing the wrong way.
But before hitting the road this holiday season, Americans might want to double check their directions and consider leaving the backseat driver at home: three in ten (26 percent) say that their biggest travel annoyance is a GPS/navigation system that fails or provides outdated directions, while nearly one quarter (22%) say their biggest pet peeve is the backseat driver that shouts driving tips.
NEWCASTLE 0 ARSENAL 1 Coloccini 52 og DAVID ANDERSON talks to Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey, who reckons it is far too early to start criticising his club's lack of firepower GARY NEVILLE has been an annoying backseat driver for Arsene Wenger as the manager attempts to get Arsenal motoring.
But Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said: "This backseat driver wants to take the SNP down the road of rerunning the referendum he just lost.
He always falls asleep in cars so is the perfect backseat driver.
Davies is fed up with being a backseat driver on Great Britain's bobsleigh squad and will next year go head to head with Nicola Minichiello in a bid to establish herself as number one.
I KNOW I'm a backseat driver - but I can't help it.