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a secondary or inferior position or status

a seat at the back of a vehicle (especially the seat at the back of an automobile)

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They found that middle backseat passengers were 16 percent more likely to survive than side backseat riders.
The backseat passenger in the defendant's car suffered serious leg injuries and was still undergoing treatment after the crash last October.
The men in the backseat insist they took no part in such atrocities--saying otherwise would disqualify them for the demobilization program.
In watching Jim Crow, rich historical description takes a backseat to trying-to-get-university-tenure theory.
All this takes a backseat when Angarred learns of the stone--the King's magician wants it along with other kingdoms and races want it for the power it can wield.
Licensed teens take the wheel, and try to navigate a pylon-marked course while younger students ride as passengers in the backseat.
But they picked me up from school one day, and my morn said, 'Look in the backseat.
National Security Council anti-terror official Rand Beers takes a stand and resigns, reportedly over concerns that the war on terror will take a backseat to the war in Iraq.
Trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing and free seminars, while still valuable in some situations, will take a backseat to new, creative, thoughtful approaches.
IT in this traditional environment is taking more of a backseat role.
My sisters and I were bundled in snowsuits in the backseat, going nowhere as the cold crept into the car.
Regarding cars, by law children under 20 pounds must be in an approved rear-facing child safety seat mounted in the backseat.
Kenneth Tynan, whose field was theater, put it aptly enough in describing the critic as a backseat driver facing the wrong way.
Economics has traditionally been the main criteria on which we make decisions and seek alternatives, but as was pointed out last month, this choice is rapidly taking a backseat to rules and regulations.
The winners of the best Adventures from the Backseat contest will win a 2008 Ford Mustang and voters will have the chance to win prize packages as well.