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someone who is willing to trade favors or services for mutual advantage

a long-handled scratcher for scratching your back

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To top things off, he walked over to the backscratcher bull and--I'll swear this is true--whispered to him about the two yahoos hunkered in the bushes.
You can even buy a backscratcher made of solid koa wood or chopsticks, gunstocks, hair ornaments, or woodenware.
Or as any of us moguls fanatics could tell, the extra poundage gets in the way of the backscratcher, helicopter, iron cross and the daffy.
The new seasonal content will allow players to acquire appropriately themed loot such as the Unholy Backscratcher weapon as well as their very own pet demon.
Tory MP Eric Pickles on Labour "toff" tactics in the Crewe & Nantwich by-election campaign "I am always being stopped at airports because of my backscratcher.
The National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham has recruited masseuse Sherene Garry, aged 18, as chief backscratcher for Gulliver and Molokai.
Can you imagine door to door canvassing and explaining why you needed that ivory backscratcher on expenses?
On that occasion at Uttoxeter last month, the Chris Popham-trained gelding ran his best race to date over fences when beaten a neck by Backscratcher in a novices' handicap over three miles.
They will even provide you with piercings, temporary tattoos, false eyelashes and great backscratcher nails.
The Honours system is worthless - political backscratchers, crawlers and vacuous party mouthpieces tend to do well, where are the working class?
The company sells municipal street-sweeping brushes to ranchers as backscratchers for livestock, conveyor belts for garden edging, and old parachutes as canopies for backyard weddings.
Because this ermine-robed mob of backscratchers and freeloaders represent everything that is wrong with our country.
I suggest an additional Order for the wider public; the Reverential Company of Backscratchers.
writing programs and literary backscratchers (but failed to 'break