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scatter (radiation) by the atoms of the medium through which it passes

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Some of the last backscatter machines were removed from Manchester Airport just last month.
Myth 1: Being scanned by a backscatter unit is like getting a medical X-ray.
Besides the problem of resolving fish backscatter within the dead zone, scientists also must consider the problem of determining the species composition and size distribution of fishes that are detected in that zone.
The risks for any individual going through the X-ray backscatter scanners are exceedingly small," Brenner said.
Backscatter technology uses low-level X-ray while millimetre wave technology uses harmless electromagnetic waves to scan travellers.
Backscatter is used to attack company networks by flooding mail servers with massive volumes of non-delivery reports, creating Internet service latency and connection problems in a crude Denial of Service (DoS) attack.
The Model 318 X-Ray backscatter sensor provides measurement performance that meets or exceeds the exacting requirements of plastics extrusion, converting, calendering, paper, nonwovens and textile applications, while being simple and inexpensive to install, operate and maintain.
In Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS), energetic ions are directed at a sample and the energy spectrum from the backscatter of ions is measured.
The sample was microtomed and RuO4 stained and a Robinson electron backscatter detector was used to enhance contrast between the phases.
The Company will also debut a new top-down transmission option on the Z Portal([R]) screening system that complements the system's three Z Backscatter views for enhanced metallic detection in vehicles.
Millimetre wave and backscatter imaging technologies, both of which are optional for all passengers provide enhanced detection capabilities and have privacy protections for travellers.
23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today unveiled an operational test to evaluate backscatter technology at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX).
The Gemini Parcel X-ray Inspection System from American Science & Engineering of Billerica, Massachusetts, combines dual-energy transmission with patented Z Backscatter technology for the most comprehensive threat detection available for parcel, baggage, and mail screening.
There is some probability for an electron to backscatter out of a beta detector without depositing its full energy.
one-sided measurement technique known as Compton Photo Backscatter, called