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a support that you can lean against while sitting

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Buyers who opt for either the SE or Elite versions get the "lounge seating" system, which allows the backrest of the centre seat in the middle row to be folded flat on to the squab and the sides of the backrest to be cleverly folded upwards to form comfortable armrests for the passengers in the two outer seats.
Back Support - Buy a chair with a backrest tilt which provides permanent contact with your back
A foldable backrest in the front passenger seat makes load-carrying possibilities almost endless.
With the rear seat folded the length of the load area extends to 1,635 mm and longer items can be accommodated by folding the front passenger seat backrest.
Though touched with Klein Dytham's signature playfulness--the transparent backrests of the chapel pews are printed with green lollipop trees familiar from an earlier scheme for Tokyo department store Laforet (AR October 2001)--this imaginative little structure also evokes and connects with wider Japanese traditions, such as setting buildings very precisely in the landscape in order to frame and define particular views.
The backrests on MM Series chairs are 19" x 18" in size, and conform to the natural curves of the spine, providing upper and lower back support to reduce fatigue.
In the Monterey seats, a small electric fan directs the heated or cooled air through the cushions and backrests.
A Combi official said the company's tests have found that the seats' backrests could crack under the impact of a crash.
4L and 4M Series ergonomic chairs have comfortable seats and backrests of molded urethane for easy wash-down and added durability in harsh industrial settings.
has expanded its comfort body supports line to include new and unique backrests with patented ADJUST-AIR(r) technology and a vertically adjustable lumbar for customization.
Tea and Titles, 1995-96, again included ersatz Delft, Chinese, and Portuguese tiles, but here the painting continued on the backrests of the chairs, as though the images had been projected, so that the white outlines or shadows of the chair's backs were visible on the canvas behind.
One way people try to improve their posture and/or protect their backs is by using one of a variety of backrests, special pillows, and other devices now available in orthopedic-supply stores and catalogues.
This and the multitude of other active safety features are joined by Porsche's renowned standard safety features on the new Turbo that include: full-size airbags for the driver and front passenger, with an entire range of six airbags including two head airbags in the side window sills interacting in a side-on collision with thorax airbags in the front seat backrests.
The SGS testing laboratory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has installed new durability testing equipment to measure the strength and durability of seating (including backrests and armrests) according to the following EN standards:EN 12520: Furniture: strength, durability and safety requirements for domestic seating
What a pity some haven't backrests, they're in big demand by most pensioners.