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a support that you can lean against while sitting

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The carbon backrest of the RSSP can also be used on its own as part of a composite solution.
Synchronous Motion - Choose a chair with synchronous motion so the backrest moves in-line with the arm rests
All of the Invacare Top End wheelchairs experienced fractures of the backrest canes.
has expanded its comfort body supports line to include new and unique backrests with patented ADJUST-AIR(r) technology and a vertically adjustable lumbar for customization.
Tea and Titles, 1995-96, again included ersatz Delft, Chinese, and Portuguese tiles, but here the painting continued on the backrests of the chairs, as though the images had been projected, so that the white outlines or shadows of the chair's backs were visible on the canvas behind.
The airbags themselves may be located in seats, backrests, headliners, doors or B- pillars.
This and the multitude of other active safety features are joined by Porsche's renowned standard safety features on the new Turbo that include: full-size airbags for the driver and front passenger, with an entire range of six airbags including two head airbags in the side window sills interacting in a side-on collision with thorax airbags in the front seat backrests.
Contract notice: Home care beds, bed backrests, bed lifts, gates.
The FaserTec upholstery on the backrests is made from 100% natural materials, which positively impact the climate in the vehicle interior.
On top of the bow storage, there are seat cushions with backrests for guests.
What a pity some haven't backrests, they're in big demand by most pensioners.
4i Exclusive special edition has new upholstery with bolstered grey leather seats and orange leather on the upper backrests, orange leather braid on the door handles, a black leather steering wheel and orange-trimmed mats.
Liberty, the Humanscale chair by Niels Diffrient, uses the patent-pending Next-Mesh technology, solving shortcomings of current mesh backrests.
A Combi official said the company's tests have found that the seats' backrests could crack under the impact of a crash.
Features of the Miler 125 include large leg shields with built in heating vents, retractable electric mirrors and seats with built-in backrests with a large, illuminated storage box underneath.