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a support that you can lean against while sitting

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Figure 8 shows the corresponding temperature distributions for the occupant's skin in contact with the seat cushion and backrest as a function of time.
As a result, the CAMISMA backrest is about 40 percent lighter than conventional metal backrests, with the same safety performance.
This latest innovation shows how Faurecia has built on its extensive experience working with automakers on the composite backrest and other lightweight components.
Unlike the bench seat in the Zafira the middle row of the Tourer now consists of three individual seats and these can be moved backwards or forwards independently and the backrests recline.
As the chair user moves, the various sections within the backrest also move and adjust to continue providing support where it's needed.
Applied technology for type backrest metal frame is welding points with specifying the parameters for welding and the working equipment in this direction there are used mechanized devices for attaching the frame and caps with sensors which validate the points of weld in the correct positions.
Lumexis, flydubai Lumexis will supply flydubai with a new IFE system, integrated into upgraded Recaro-supplied Basic Line 3510 seats with composite backrests, which accommodate the larger monitor sizes in the backrest of the seat.
Adjust the backrest of your chair so you can lean against it comfortably, with your lower back well supported and your feet flat on the floor or a footrest.
5 inches, electrically-operated backrest, leg rest and seat depth controls and an eight-point massage system.
The seats offer a one-piece backrest with a slit to accommodate a multi-point safety harness.
Seat depth is usually accomplished with a sliding seat pan but also with an adjustable backrest.
The chair provides automatic weight compensation and seat-tilt adjustment while a 'syncro-dynamic' feature also allows for the seat and backrest to simultaneously follow the movements of the person sitting in it, yet always remain at the optimal angle.
We placed the wheelchair in its least stable position in the rearward direction by moving the rear-wheel axle forward, reclining the backrest backward, and increasing the front seat height by adjusting the caster position.
ABSTRACT: A chair comprises a seat, legs for supporting the seat, a backrest frame connected to the legs, and a backrest attached to the backrest frame.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended that the head of the bed of mechanically ventilated patients be elevated to between 30[degrees] and 45[degrees] to decrease the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) Compliance with this recommendation may be affected by nurses' knowledge of the recommendation and their accuracy in estimating the backrest elevation.