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plate armor protecting the back

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Page 79 (bottom left): Edwards interior doorknob and backplate in Burnished Antique ($123, as shown) from Rejuvenation (see above).
They were made from hollow cast brass letters, rivetted to a steel backplate.
The pneumatic actuation circuit can be integrated with the backplate.
The tuning of the adjustable backplate is more difficult with longer nozzles when soldering at a steep angle.
Door furniture from Bouvet features unsprung handles on either rose or backplate fixings with latch, lock or bathroom options and all cut to British Standard keyway and lock case requirements.
A related item is a piece of a titanium backplate that is a 1/4" chip that prevents screws from backing out once implanted.
The station housing is molded of tough polycarbonate and includes a steel backplate.
Ornate backplate handles in antique brass, pounds 4 a pair,
Sandiacre's jaw conversion kit, which comprises a pair of adjustable laminate cross seal jaws and a machine backplate, permits Macphie's to produce the piping bags in their rhomboidal form pack with two of the four corners set to one of three user-selectable cut-off angles of 15.
Choice of virtual shared networking via workstation's network adapter or via new physical 10/100Mb Ethernet port on primary backplate.
The combination of a press-formed pre-painted rigid dish with a substantial backplate and sturdy mount results in confidence of placing up to 1-meter dishes on a pipe-type roof mount.
99, the sturdy Magnetyze Car Charging Stand enables busy travelers to charge any iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone equipped with a Magnetyze case or backplate.
Custom Colored & Logo Angled Track Start Backplate option for the Paragon Track Start
Backplate crews will begin at the intersections of 58th and 69th streets today.