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pedal backwards on a bicycle

step backwards, in boxing

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modify one's opinion, make it less strong

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a stoppage in the seventh left hook to the body had backpedalling in obvious he dug in, got through and was competitive in round to leave Mason around his left eye at the win Although 60-54, Area hard for Curran James skills and gears.
British challengers Peppertree Lane and Rising Cross were both backpedalling soon after rounding the final turn, eventually finishing fifth and sixth.
The German midfielder was was awarded a free-kick inside his own half and, after spotting Matt Murray off his line, struck an inch-perfect shot over the backpedalling keeper into the net.
Of the 12 finalists, Helmut Jahn scored highest in the backpedalling stakes by performing a complete volte-face on his first phase design, retreating to the safe haven of past schemes.
only to learn that the agency was backpedalling on its position and re-considering some of the favorable orders it had issued.