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Synonyms for backpedal

Words related to backpedal

pedal backwards on a bicycle

step backwards, in boxing

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modify one's opinion, make it less strong

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Even The Washington Post has been frantically backpedaling from the ozone hysteria.
But it will also provide a test for Clinton and his administration: While the administration's backpedaling in April on its plans to raise grazing fees and charge royalties for precious metals may have been a good faith gesture to ensure support for the larger economic plan, failing to confront the concessionaires will show little more than timidity in taking on special interests.
NYSE: OSG) have fallen more than 5% so far today, backpedaling in the wake of a bearish brokerage note.
The coach will then give the signal for the receiver to start backpedaling.
After Hurricane Katrina revealed to us the extraordinary misplacement of priorities of an administration that is so favoring private interests, there was an enormous outcry, and for the first time you saw the Bush administration backpedaling.
CINCINNATI -- The shares of New York City-based General Maritime Corporation (NYSE: GMR) have taken a tumble in early trading, backpedaling about 1.
Sprinting and cutting are used in just about every sport, but you also have to remember the very specific skills that your athletes will have to perform on the field or court, such as shuffling, stopping, pivoting, faking, spinning, cross-over running, backpedaling, etc.
He shouldn't be left hanging, with USA Gymnastics backpedaling, the USOC playing politics, FIG washing its hands of it all, high-minded columnists telling him to hand the medal over.
The story also pointed out how Bush's occasional backpedaling from antigay stands brought immediate and furious ire from the religious right.
they breeze back to Staples Center to win Game 6 on Thursday and then, as a stunned national audience looks on Sunday night, finish off the backpedaling Pistons with an improbable comeback to capture the title that was rightfully bestowed upon them back in training camp.
They can also be used for backpedaling and several combinations of all of the above.
Even with the frequent backpedaling, the "500" is still ahead 8% since 1998 year-end.