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  • verb

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pedal backwards on a bicycle

step backwards, in boxing

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modify one's opinion, make it less strong

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So far, Gaskell has backpedaled on this--in spite of their uncanny range, her pictures have a smooth consumability.
NYSE: CAT) has backpedaled more than 2% today after the company announced that it would cut white-collar pay by up to 50% and offer buyouts to some employees as it looks to lower costs during what it characterized as "uncertain times.
As he passed back to a wide-open Legans, a whistle blew signaling timeout, but much of the crowd didn't hear it - particularly after Legans swished a 3-pointer and backpedaled downcourt with his arms in the air.
Since breaching long-term support from the 25 region in mid-September, the security has backpedaled nearly 80% beneath resistance from its 10-week moving average.
He scored his first points at the free-throw line with 14:40 left and backpedaled all the way down the court.
Fearful of losing all endorsements (which she did anyway), King backpedaled furiously from the reality of her lesbianism, clinging to her estranged husband, Larry, as they flashed their wedding rings at the camera.
Fannie Mae (NYSE:FNM) has backpedaled more than three percent this afternoon following news that the firm would miss a deadline for filing second-quarter results.
At Wednesday's meeting, the parents maintained that city inspectors should make surprise inspections of school bathrooms, but backpedaled on their earlier criticism of the school bathrooms.
Fossil (NASDAQ:FOSL) has backpedaled more than nine percent this afternoon following its earnings release.