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Synonyms for backpedal

Words related to backpedal

pedal backwards on a bicycle

step backwards, in boxing

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modify one's opinion, make it less strong

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The DB can get out of his backpedal from a variety of different angles as the play develops.
On the coach's command the defensive back will start his backpedal, using good technique.
When the predictable firestorm hits, the offenders backpedal fast, say their mea culpas and declare they're not racist.
In an attempt to backpedal from Dobson's extreme comments, FOF issued a statement rephrasing its position.
government has decided to backpedal the fusion research effort, particularly the two implosion methods.
More specifically, the analyst warned that crude oil tanker charter rates will backpedal significantly in 2009 from current levels.
The coach said he was surprised USC does not employ ``off technique,'' which makes the cornerback backpedal and cover the receiver instead of turning sideways and running.
Football defensive backs commonly use a backpedal before moving in another direction.
Hardline Unionists fear leader Mr Trimble, Northern Ireland's First Minister, is about to backpedal on his insistence that the handover begins on October 31.
Unable to recycle the storyline of how the almighty Lance Armstrong will pedal his way to another historic Tour de France title, the up-and-coming network is forced to backpedal, having to sell an American TV audience on (gulp) the race itself.
Hardline unionists fear Mr Trimble, their leader, is about to backpedal on the handover which begins on October 31.