backpacking tent

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a tent that can be carried in a backpack

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My well-worn backpacking tent, which had faithfully kept us dry for more than a decade, was no match for this storm: Heavy, fat drops of water dripped onto the floor, worsening with each gust of wind.
The strong, lightweight, weather-worthy backpacking tent maximizes livability, entry/exit access and storage space.
Setting up my backpacking tent, arranging gear and putting Runt out to feed for the night, I settled down for some soup and a sandwich.
The confined air space of a backpacking tent is considerably warmer than an open lean-to.
A two- or three-person backpacking tent is ideal, not so much for its light weight as for the space saved compared to the typical car-camping umbrella-type unit.
Its award-winning, top-selling predecessor, the Half Dome 2HC, was introduced in 2002 and helped lead the industry to the innovative design of the two-person, two-door, two-vestibule lightweight backpacking tent design that is overwhelmingly present in similar designs today.
Tetragon 1610 Sierra Designs Sirius 3 Tent: 3 Season Tent Paha Que The Promontory Kelty Teton 4 - 4-Person Backpacking Tent Columbia 3-Person 7.
REI unquestionably has one of strongest backpacking tent lines in the industry, from the independent Roadster to the versatile Half Dome to the family-friendly Base Camp," said Matt Hyde, REI's senior vice president of merchandising.
A huge indoor tent display, showing Europe''s leading brands such as Outwell and Vango, as well as the UKs largest collection of lightweight backpacking tents ideal for the Duke of Edinburgh award, will provide you with a stunning choice, all at guaranteed low prices.