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Synonyms for backpacking

carrying something in a pack on the back


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One of my favorite backpacking trips is the hike through the Lewis Fork Wilderness of Virginia's Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, where a patchwork of virgin and non-virgin spruce and fir lies across 2,000 acres of trail-etched forest.
You can say that about just about all backpacking gear.
Backpacking always seems to stimulate the appetite, so the author supplies meal suggestions and tips on packing and preparing food.
Although he sold his share in the company that bears his name, his and his wife's knowledge in backpacking are evident in this work.
The author offers a fair assessment of modern hiking and backpacking equipment and trends, without favoring one label over another.
Vargo, known for its ultralight titanium backpacking gear, has added the first titanium external frame backpack in the United States, the Ti-Arc, to its product line.