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Synonyms for backlash

Synonyms for backlash

an adverse reaction to some political or social occurrence

come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect

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The book is laid out in three parts, beginning with an overview of recent policy and debate, followed by extended discussions of what she calls the "first Welfare Backlash (1945-1979)" which reached the national level by the 1960s, and finally the "contemporary welfare backlash (1980-2004).
After facing backlash over her hasty marriage split, Kim's mother and manager Kris has reportedly told her to keep a low-profile.
That backlash is coming from women across the country and increasingly from Tory and Lib Dem MPs who are urging the Government to think again.
One of the most regressive aspects of the current backlash against feminism in the United States is the recycled idea that women's individual, inalienable rights conflict with spiritual and cultural values.
During the next few weeks they met religious and ethnic minority leaders to discuss what measures could be taken to alleviate any backlash
Whatever precursors you might find in the McCarthy era and elsewhere, his Great Backlash begins with George Wallace's crusade against the "pointy-headed intellectuals" and Spiro Agnew's war on the "effete corps of impudent snobs.
Exclusivel[y] from HD Systems, the Harmonic Planetary[R] HPG Series provides the motion control and design engineer with a planetary gearhead that reduces backlash to less than 1 arc-min.
But the biggest risk in the Center's strategy is that backlash against it could lead to eviscerating or killing the Endangered Species Act itself.
BMW'S decision to sell Rover has provoked a huge public backlash, with six out of 10 people now less likely to buy a car from the German firm, according to a new poll today.
It was this quest for order, and the first stirrings of the unfortunate white backlash, that provided the fuel for Reagan's ascent.
There will be a backlash,' Khushwant Singh, a veteran Sikh journalist and writer said.
Total lost motion including backlash, spring rate and hysteresis tops out at only one arc minute.
Each period of women's rights making strides was followed by a backlash.
Instead, the company claims there is symmetrical contact on either side of the centerlines that allows zero backlash with no fear of jamming.