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Synonyms for backing

Synonyms for backing

aid or support given by a patron

money or property used to produce more wealth

an indication of commendation or approval

Synonyms for backing

the act of providing approval and support

something forming a back that is added for strengthening

financial resources provided to make some project possible

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The result is 50-mil-thick carpet backing, which is trimmed and rolled.
In addition to the human toll, drivers backing out blindly cause millions of dollars in property damage.
C&A's award-winning ethos(TM) backing is also made at the Center for Environmental Innovation using the same process and equipment as the ER3 backing.
Bruce Schreiner, president and CEO stated, "Our corporate mission is to produce and market vehicle safety products that increase safety while backing a vehicle and do it with affordably-priced, easily-installed products.
Tandus and C&A have long been committed to finding the next evolution in carpet backing.
The collateral backing the securities consists of a pool of new and used automobile and light truck loans originated in accordance with each individual originator's standard underwriting guidelines.
ethos is a high recycled content, cushion backing for six-foot broadloom carpet and soon to be released recycled content cushion modular tiles created by Tandus Technologies for the C&A Floorcoverings (C&A) brand.