background processing

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the execution of low priority programs while higher priority programs are not using the processing system

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Geofencing Service: Allows developers to leverage background processing on smart phones to create location-based triggers for their applications.
Background processing gathers, organizes and stores RSS feeds whether Outlook is running or not.
5 system, sharing media on our SAN/NAS is extremely effective, and with Discreet's burn(R) solution we're able not only to render effects more quickly using background processing, but we can continue editing at the same time.
burn is Discreet's multi-node background processing solution for inferno, flame and flint(R) systems.
5) as well as the External Interface for Job Background Processing (BC-XBP 6.
An intuitive, keyword-driven help function answers frequently asked business questions, and background processing allows multiple applications to run simultaneously.
These digital fingerprints are then sent electronically to the American Bankers Association for background processing whereby the ABA forwards prints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for checking against national law enforcement databanks for any possible criminal history.
Pinnacle Edition also features powerful background processing capabilities that essentially eliminate the rendering "waiting game.
ARCHICAD 19 takes the next quantum leap in BIM performance by extending its robust 64-bit and multi-processing technologies with predictive background processing, an industry-first to BIM.
The aim is to consolidate the IT landscape based on a sustainable application architecture and to allow through a unified data management to simplify data processes to reduce IT costs and increase the background processing.
SocialCentiv is announcing an addition, "Inuit," to its Twitter marketing software's background processing hub.
8221; The improved background processing systems of Aanval v7 are simpler, more powerful, and more capable than ever before.
displays ' Powerful event tagging system ' Advanced background processing system
Now I wonder if my brain is doing all this background processing, what is it doing with the fiction I read?