background processing

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the execution of low priority programs while higher priority programs are not using the processing system

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Predictive Background Processing ARCHICAD 19 takes advantage of unused computer capacity by anticipating potential future user actions and preparing for them in the background.
Like Pinnacle's new Edition v5 software, Liquid purple v5 delivers real-time 3D as well as 2D effects, integrated DVD authoring, timesaving background processing, and analog video output.
The latest version provides a migration facility that enables new SAP customers to import their R/3 background processing into the Cronacle environment.
Using a different server or LPAR (logical partition), the validity of the database could be insured as a result of a background processing task against the mirror without interrupting the production usage of the source data.
Certainly, high-quality consolidation is possible in centralized union catalogs that have made it a priority, though this is often achieved at the cost of considerable background processing and software development effort.
In addition to network communication with Unix Mail, the operating system's multitasking with background processing and virtual memory improve productivity.
Background processing can also be requested directly.
Damian Giannunzio, Product Manager with Diskeeper Corporation, talks about "How to Speed up Your Computer's Background Processing with Diskeeper([R]) 2011.
The Unix-based Sun Sparcstation platform comes with a 1GB SCSI hard disc drive, black-and-white control monitor, high-resolution, color-calibrated image monitor and accelerator boards to optimise sharpening, manipulation of large files and background processing.
0, previous versions already supported background processing, however this update reduces power consumption and guarantees longer operation times.
Diskeeper([R])performance software, with its proprietary InvisiTasking([R]) real-time background processing technology allows defragmentation of systems as fragmentation occurs without using active system resources.
The aim is to consolidate the IT landscape based on a sustainable application architecture and to allow through a unified data management to simplify data processes to reduce IT costs and increase the background processing.