background noise

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extraneous noise contaminating sound measurements that cannot be separated from the desired signal

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The background noise was recorded at the output of each of the microphones.
Through this measurement the background noise to the antineutrino reactor signal can be more accurately estimated, potentially improving the determination of the reactor operating status and power level.
Another way to help you clarify the sounds you want to hear is to turn off the background noises you can control, such as the radio or television.
Again, only when background noise was quieter could the older toddlers successfully learn the new words.
Predict: How does background noise affect the distance from which you can hear a pin drop?
You and your family will be amazed at the clarity of hearing, even when you are in background noise.
The same two frequencies (125 Hz and 500 Hz) and two background noise levels (40 dBA and 55 dBA) were tested for a total of 4 conditions, which were repeated once during the session; so subjects participated in 8 trials total in this test, with the specific presentation order randomized across all subjects.
For 50 years, researchers have tried to pull out the speech from the background noise.
In initial tests, Healy and doctoral student Sarah Yoho removed twelve hearing-impaired volunteers' hearing aids, then played recordings of speech obscured by background noise over headphones.
But this system in development filters out the background noise.
The tags record the whales' calls and background noise around them, as well as the animals' movements.
In our 2008 annual survey of members, 87% of respondents said background noise affects their ability to hear speech on television.
I think the background noise or white noise from the fan is my largest ally when it comes to sleeping during the day.
The accumulation of noise sources, even though each noise source may be at or near the existing background noise level, will significantly raise the overall noise level.
One of my biggest personal pet peeves with dealing with call centers is the amount of background noise that is typically heard.