background noise

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extraneous noise contaminating sound measurements that cannot be separated from the desired signal

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Repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to determine if there were statistically significant differences in average ratings among the assorted background noise level, tonal frequency, and prominence level conditions.
Our NEW approach In addition to the standard hearing assessment we also carry out the revolutionary Speech-in-Noise (QUICKSIN) test that shows how well you can hear in the presence of background noise and provides an indication of the likely benefit you will derive from a hearing aid.
Cypher showed as much as 17 times more background noise reduction than the most popular cell phones on the market in recent third-party standards-based testing conducted by global telephony test and measurement company Spirent Communications, plc.
For 50 years, researchers have tried to pull out the speech from the background noise.
Then they re-performed the same test, after processing the recordings with the algorithm to remove background noise.
One whale called at 117 dB when the background noise level was 105 dB, 132 dB when the background noise rose to 120 dB, and 138 dB when background rose to 126 dB.
RNID urges all broadcasters and programme-makers to consider the needs of people who are deaf or hard of hearing and, longer-term, we support the development of technology to enable viewers to turn down, or turn off, background noise on a television programme.
However, consonant detection in the SLI group fell to 72 percent correct with fluctuating background noise and hit 62 percent with static background noise.
Simedia SounderCover lets you add background noise to any incoming or outgoing call.
An FM sound field system, Radium was designed to improve classroom acoustics and overcome the effects that background noise, reverberation and distance can have on speech intelligibility.
The vast majority of the transmitted electrons enter the mounting substrate where they are scattered diffusely, in the case of an amorphous substrate, and become a significant source of background noise in the EBSD patterns collected from these particles.
Ditech's VQoS suite allows telephone companies to eliminate a variety of voice quality problems, including acoustic echo, background noise and fluctuating voice levels.
you often have to ask people to repeat what they say because you can't quite hear them, especially in groups or when there is background noise
The ear plugs were supposed to filter out background noise but never survived past the first series of the game.
A background noise level of PNC 15 (Preferred Noise Criterion) was adopted -- effectively less than the noise made by an average opera house audience.