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the amplitude level of the undesired background noise


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When the first occupant enters, the lighting zone illuminates to a background level.
Depending on the background levels of methane in a given area, the instrument can respond to levels of methane as low as one part per million or less.
Yet the researchers also measured a radiation "spike"--about 20 to 30 times above the background level -- in snow near the top of the pit, deposited during late 1987 and early 1988.
In earlier studies, the low but measurable background level of acrolein--dG adducts in both rodent and human tissues were attributed to endogenous lipid peroxidation (21,44).
Ryan of Health and Welfare Canada in Ottawa report that one of these workers still carries TCDD levels of 141 parts per trillion (ppt) in his fat -- 10 to 20 times the general population's background level.
Labeling of zona glomerulosa and the adrenal medulla did not exceed the background level The radioactivity in these sections remained too weak to be semiquantified by phosphorautoradiography using 14 days exposure.
Therefore, we must know something about the background level of the chemical to which the increment added, as well as the background of similar chemicals that operate by the same mode of action.
This background level is higher than our overall epitope mapping average (average of ~3% over ~20 proteins tested; data not shown).
Jones works under a mountain, where a low background level of neutrons makes these particles easier to detect.
It features very low crosstalk background level, very low crosstalk, low insertion loss, accurate channel alignment and high channel-to-channel uniformity.
According to Dr Stefan Rahmstorf, of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, ""There is a very close and statistically highly significant correlation between the rate of sea level rise and the temperature increase above the pre-industrial background level.
The ionization air purifier initially increased the ozone concentration by 5-15 ppb from a background level of 5 ppb, while the ozone generator raised it by some 250 ppb, according to Nizkorodov.
He added that they could not rule out the possibility that low background level, as well as high methane levels, originated, in part, from microbial activity.
It revealed a low background level of methane which spiked 10-fold over a period of just 60 Martian days.
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