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a board game for two players

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But it was not only by playing at backgammon with the Baronet, that the little governess rendered herself agreeable to her employer.
Sparsit, from her place at the backgammon board, was constantly straining her eyes to pierce the shadows without.
No; I am going to play backgammon with you, if you like," said the Doctor.
Due to the extreme rarity of occurrence, triple-value backgammons were not represented.
Ever since the days of Shannon's proposal for a chess-playing algorithm [12] and Samuel's checkers-learning program [10] the domain of complex board games such as Go, chess, checkers, Othello, and backgammon has been widely regarded as an ideal testing ground for exploring a variety of concepts and approaches in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
TD-Gammon is a neural network that trains itself to be an evaluation function for the game of backgammon by playing against itself and learning from the outcome.
The latter methodology was used a few years ago in the development of Neurogammon, the author's previous neural-network backgammon program.
Before discussing the TD backgammon learning system, a few salient details regarding the game itself should be stated.
Hence, the total number of points won at the end of a game is given by the current value of the doubling cube multiplied by 1 for a regular win (or for a declined double), 2 for a gammon, and 3 for a backgammon.
Programming a computer to play high-level backgammon has been found to be a rather difficult undertaking.
In the absence of exact tables and deep searches, computer backgammon programs have to rely on heuristic positional judgment.
This has been especially true in Othello and in backgammon, where over the last 20 years, there has been a substantial revision in the way experts evaluate positions.
We now present a brief summary of the TD backgammon learning system.
These experiments were completely knowledge-free in that there was no initial knowledge built in about how to play good backgammon.