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Synonyms for somersault

an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return

do a somersault

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With PLAY-DOH Jam, Backflip Studios captures the same sense of imagination and excitement in a mobile game.
Smith, who used to be a gymnast, said: "The backflip was pre-planned.
There's not one job when I haven't been asked to do backflips.
BackFlip is Midaire's entry into modern “IP” telephony, which brings a business' telephone service in over their Internet.
That's right, he pulled off a double backflip in a contraption with the aerodynamics of a pregnant killer whale.
Large crowds cheered on the motorcyclists and the dramatic backflip was streamed live to more than 500 cinemas across Europe.
Mildon also attempted the world's first Double Backflip Tailwhip after his successful Triple attempt, but cased the landing.
of some of the world's best freestyle motocross riders will each perform a sort of acrobatic dirt bike ballet with backflips, "Hart Attacks," "Saran Wraps" and "Bar Hops" over the course of an allotted 90-seconds.
Walker said: "Who would have thought that at 87 years, I could perform a routine including a body jar, tailslide, double backflip and a caballerial - it's extraordinary
Released in March, the Backflip is a revolutionary smartphone powered by Google's Android operating system for mobile devices.
NECC organised two new-style events for members, the Ladies Spa Day and the BACKFlip event.
lt;p>The Backflip has a small touchpad located behind the screen that allows users to navigate by touch without their fingers obstructing information displayed on the screen.
TUBBY comedian Jo Brand is rehearsing a spectacular backflip for the final of celebrity Let's Dance For Comic Relief.
ActionBase, Tel Aviv, Israel, a provider of Human Process Management Solutions (HPMS), and BackFlip Software, a driving force of business process communications, have announced a partnership that allows customers to remotely access and receive real time notifications to action items and business processes, through any form of mobile communication, and follow them up to completion.
30/04/09, The Wilderness Society, Victoria, Australia--In a controversial forest policy backflip on April 8, the Victorian State government released its new Timber Industry Strategy draft that includes the archaic plan to burn native forests "residue" for power generation.