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the offensive football players who line up behind the linemen

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With all the backfield action, and with the defense unsure of which "tailback" got the snap, it's an additional distraction for reading LBs.
You definitely can't be selfish in a backfield like this,'' White said.
It was now the backside LB who had a running start into the backfield.
The QB play-fakes the run and sets up behind the play-side tackle, looking to throw on side, while the offensive line blocking and backfield action emulate the run play as much as possible.
The Off-Tackle Right requires only minimal backfield variations from the previous two plays.
7 shows another great goal-line play (Power) to the weak side or in the direction opposite the backfield motion.
And then in the fourth quarter, the unforgiving Ducks put Colt Lyerla in the backfield.
If you ask who'd win the game if it were played next week, I'd have to say Canyon because Oaks just isn't the same team without Marc Tyler in the backfield.
We let the backfield fake encourage the defense to run away from the QB.
James Patterson has complemented Givins-Perry in the backfield and quarterback Ricky Spooner has completed 40 passes, seven for TDs.
We must always remember that we cannot throw the other team for a loss (killing lick) unless we get people into the other team's backfield (where they belong).
But Elmore bobbled the snap on the team's first play of the drive, and Henningsen picked the ball up in the backfield and run untouched for the touchdown.
Hausler, an expert at global financial architecture, will assume a new position intended to place the IMF more in the backfield of global financial markets.
No ifs, ands or butts: when TE Alge Crumpler gets his backfield in motion, the Falcons have a huge asset - and defensive backs have a bigger problem.
Garfield 28, Reseda 21 (2OT): After scoring twice, including a 10-yard touchdown run in the first overtime to force a second California tiebreaker, Reseda's Giovannie Dixon was stopped in the backfield by Garfield of East Los Angeles' Christian Orozco on a fourth-down play to give the fourth-seeded Bulldogs (10-1) an opening-round victory.