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Synonyms for backer

Synonyms for backer

a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

Synonyms for backer

invests in a theatrical production


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The backers of Moonspike will have complete access to the team of rocket engineers through blogs, video-chats and interviews.
EPIC BRUM - MAKING IMPACT HUB BIRMINGHAM A REALITY 586 backers pledged PS65,095 A collaborative workspace now open in Digbeth's Walker Building to help Brummies develop their creative and business ideas.
Potential backers should call Mr Granton on 07798 587310.
We thank our Malaysian backers for responding so quickly to concerns raised by many Cardiff City supporters and look forward to working with them in the future for the good of the club we love.
At the snap, the backers will take one step to their gap and re-gather.
A possible television ad against the tax would only have to show the home of one of the billionaire backers of the proposal compared to a modest home with a tag line that simply notes that their taxes would be the same flat amount.
He finds little evidence of such extortion, however, pointing out that in remote rural areas supplying credit was a risky business whose vulnerability and volatility required adequate recompense if it was to continue; that rates of return to the Spanish officials and their backers on invested capital were only moderate, at an average 10-20 per cent; and that Indians often defaulted on their advances.
I have some backers and an editorial plan in the financial area, but I'd prefer not to announce it until it's real--rather than some 'great thing' I'm going to do soon.
But Nationwide, current backers of the England team, will not be among them.
HARRODS boss Mohamed Al Fayed has failed in his High Court bid to recover legal costs from eight financial backers of Neil Hamilton's failed "cash for questions" libel action against him.
Range managers don't want their target stands and backers peppered with shot and I can't blame them.
At the last minute one of my backers got greedy, tried to squeeze me out and the whole deal fell through.
Moody has received e-mail messages from labor activists--including backers of forming an independent labor party--who now send him Pat Buchanan quotes.
Kirkland visited Detroit the first week of October to meet with Stroud and potential MBT backers, who hope she will become the company's new artistic director.
The governor has no use for the California Teachers Association but, like most of his big-business backers, he considers the school-choice measure a piping hot potato, one he would probably prefer to have off the political plate before running for re-election in a year.