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Although the oil stock has backed off of resistance in the 49 region, all of HAL's trendlines are approaching from underneath to lend what support is necessary.
Elsewhere in the state, McClintock backed off his threat to boycott after a walk-through of the debate site with campaign staffers Friday morning.
I thought I was done, but then I backed off, worked some things out and found some clear water.
Robinson originally committed to USC last year to play football before the Trojan coaching staff backed off, concerned he might favor basketball over football.
According to the Sheriff's Department investigation, an 18-year-old motorist was seen starting to race Sheldon Bell and Robert Smith but backed off well before Smith, the driver, lost control on Bouquet Canyon Road.
On Wednesday, the City Council backed off of the plan - for everyone that is, except gun retailers, who city officials want to drive out of business entirely.
Councilman Dave Weaver also backed off from a complete smoking ban.
The commission's Valley members met March 6 and agreed to release the alternative plan publicly the next day, but backed off to the surprise of commission member Richard Close, appointed to represent the 2nd District by then-Councilman Joel Wachs, who left the council in October.
11, most Americans have backed off from that kind of rhetoric.
But at the last moment, both backed off and the ball fell in for a single, loading the bases.
Police backed off, hoping the driver would slow down.