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Synonyms for backdrop

Synonyms for backdrop

scenery hung at back of stage

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ca makes marketing easy with their quality backdrops, which are designed to last through potential damage that comes from travel and weather.
A great backdrop is like the cherry on top of a recital sundae--it enhances the entire experience.
2) A still from the 1939 movie ``Wuthering Heights'' starring Laurence Olivier shows the backdrop of the city's Wildwood area.
By the close of World War II Westerns were entering into their golden age, and for nearly two decades classical Western stars like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, Gary Cooper, Glenn Ford, and Gregory Peck gave us wide-screen spectacles with dramatic backdrops, thundering stampedes, and shoot-outs.
The crisp picture quality, low power consumption and long life span are all qualities that go beyond existing platforms and I will recommend that other stations use this for studio backdrops from now on.
Limited Tenders are invited for Preparation Of Hoarding And Backdrops For Krishi Vigyan Mela 2015
com), an online retailer for photography backdrops and studio equipment, announces today its merger with fellow online photography retailer, Photographic Backdrop.
It covers the complete construction process and uses lessons the author learned from building his previous layout to cover all the details, from track to scenery and backdrops.
3) Fifteen quilters worked on the backdrops needed for the Palmdale Playhouse production of ``Quilters.
The experience of viewing such moments, while it cannot be duplicated within institutional and architectural confines, was nevertheless approached by pieces like the Rauschenberg-designed backdrops for Glacial Decoy, 1979, four floor-to-ceiling rear-projection screens on which such images as palm fronds, light filaments, and brickwork pulsed from one to the next.
The company's line of wrinkle-free, easy-to-transport backdrops offers portrait photographers a variety of designs and colors that appeal to high school seniors, families, and children
With OPEN, your guests can walk the red carpet and strike a pose in front of fabric or custom backdrops.
The first work in the exhibition, a net made of Trevira, a high-tech fiber often used for television studio backdrops, offered multiple surfaces for projection and interpretation.