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Synonyms for backdrop

Synonyms for backdrop

scenery hung at back of stage

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The some websites reported news about the arrest of the director of branch of Rafidain Bank in Baghdad against the backdrop of recent embezzlement process suffered by the bank.
New Delhi : Against the backdrop of incidents of hacking of defence computers, Indian Army chief Gen Bikram Singh has issued orders to check "cyber invasion" by restricting use of powerpoint presentation for discussing sensitive military information.
Stella will be at mima between Tuesday and Thursday, working on the backdrop and playing records.
Grosh notes that a backdrop completes the entire package, giving young dancers confidence.
Mr Pringle said: "The Grecian inspired Hall, the huge craggy rock faces in the Quarry garden and the medieval castle and especially the backdrop of the enchanting crystal horse really lent itself to this magical and ethereal theme.
The first of four backdrops featured a great arch that made the space in front of it seem cavernous, like a vault beneath a gigantic bridge.
Industry-propelling features of Backdrop include a drag-and-drop upload interface, image routing based on upload profiles and also a configurable, multi-tier approval process.
The Beeb is forking out pounds 6million in South Africa this summer, including a reputed pounds 1million on a studio in Cape Town with the famous Table Top Mountain as a backdrop for presenters Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.
Three large paintings depicting a fictitious equestrian battle served as a backdrop for the "performance.
Handmade quilts sewn by members of the Antelope Valley Quilt Association and High Country Quilt Club will provide the backdrop and props for ``Quilters,'' a play about pioneer women whose only legacy from their hard lives were the quilts they made and the children they bore.
A BRIDAL shop in Coventry is using the scenic backdrop of the city's cathedral ruins to show off its latest gowns.
One of France's most popular new choreographers, Jose Montalvo, will revive his international hit Paradis and present his latest piece, Le Jardin io io ito ito, two celebrations in which the music of Vivaldi unites with modern-day rap before a lively video backdrop.
Richard Sennett suggests that, in Periclean times, the Pynx Hill theatre had no backdrop, so the voice of the speaker 'came to the audience out of the immense space of the land which lay behind him, the sole mediation between the mass of citizens and that panorama of hills and sky'.
Setting a constant backdrop for one portion of the show, resited from stage to gallery, the screens provided the exhibition with a kind of spatial metronome--a background rhythm against which one inevitably took stock of one's own movements, as if in a drama.
75) took place against a backdrop of the environment, gun control and political privacy.