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make effective from an earlier date

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According to the letter, the Department's investigation "uncovered serious issues with Ocwen's systems and processes, including Ocwen's backdating of potentially hundreds of thousands of letters to borrowers, likely causing them significant harm.
This 17-year backdating has had no significant financial consequences for the schemes, and proves that the full backdating of these rights is easily affordable.
We first test the effects of various elements of CEOs' option portfolios on accrual-based earnings management and the occurrence of backdating separately.
Mr Cameron has made a point of highlighting the backdating issue on recent visits to Merseyside.
The analyst who suggested we might be backdating options neglected to mention the fact that he was a former employee.
I don't know a whole lot about the Namibian jurisprudence system and I don't know how aggressively the Namibian Securities & Exchange Commission goes after executives suspected of backdating stock options.
Jesse Fried of the University of California at Berkeley offers two new, practical approaches companies can adopt to help prevent insider trading and options backdating litigation.
LexisNexis unit Mealey's (New York) has released "Mealey's Litigation Update: Stock Option Backdating," an executive summary that includes a collection of 57 case summaries and litigation updates reporting on complaints, motions, briefs, other pleadings, settlements and rulings involving stock options backdating litigation.
The Police Federation claims that, by not backdating the pay, the deal is effectively slashed to only 1.
He has been found guilty of backdating stock options by the SEC.
Sir Norman Bettison, chief constable of West Yorkshire, has also written to the Home Secretary asking her to give further consideration to backdating the award.
As the current wave of stock option backdating investigations and shareholder derivative lawsuits sweeps through the D&O industry, this is a good time to step back, consider what is at stake in these cases, and anticipate some of the D&O coverage issues that will implicated by settlements of these cases.
The intentional backdating or "spring-loading" of stock options by corporate directors, if proven, would be a breach of the good-faith element of the duty of loyalty sufficient to rebut the business judgment rule, the Delaware Court of Chancery has held in two shareholder derivative lawsuits.
Backdating stock options is drawing a great deal of attention from state and federal regulators and from the plaintiffs class-action bar.