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make effective from an earlier date

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Signed by a Senior Corporate Law Officer, Jaezi Orleans-Lindsay and dated January 12, 2016, a letter had warned against backdating the payment of $2,000,000 for the software to 014.
Specifically, we study cases arising out of the stock options backdating scandal.
Because even putting "as of" a certain date will not protect the lawyer from implication in a criminal act if the purpose of the backdating is actually to defraud or mislead the taxman, any regulatory authority or even any other individual and the lawyer knew or should have known that this was the case.
This 17-year backdating has had no significant financial consequences for the schemes, and proves that the full backdating of these rights is easily affordable.
We first test the effects of various elements of CEOs' option portfolios on accrual-based earnings management and the occurrence of backdating separately.
Studying the issue of backdating of options is important for several reasons.
Mr Cameron has made a point of highlighting the backdating issue on recent visits to Merseyside.
Next it attempts to determine how American business arrived at this point by examining the rise and fall of options backdating in light of regulation.
An analyst wrote a report suggesting a company, where I'm on the board, might be backdating options.
The company is among at least 225 firms that have disclosed internal or federal probes of backdating, the practice of setting dates for stock options before they are issued to magnify their value.
According to the The Wall Street Journal, the lawyer who is prosecuting the extradition case "is still researching whether backdating stock options is a crime in Namibia, a legal issue the case could turn on.
Reforming how benefits are claimed is a positive step but backdating should remain at 12 months.
Abuses of executive compensation-provide no end to work for plaintiffs' lawyers pursuing class-action litigation against, and derivative suits on behalf of, companies that--in issuing options or stock to senior executives--expose themselves to the risk that these grants will be misused though backdating and insider trading.
LexisNexis unit Mealey's (New York) has released "Mealey's Litigation Update: Stock Option Backdating," an executive summary that includes a collection of 57 case summaries and litigation updates reporting on complaints, motions, briefs, other pleadings, settlements and rulings involving stock options backdating litigation.
The Police Federation claims that, by not backdating the pay, the deal is effectively slashed to only 1.