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make effective from an earlier date

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Protection for deposits relating to personal injury compensation or backdated disability or incapacity claims would be unlimited.
75 million and payments will be backdated to January, the committee said.
Following a review of ports by the Valuation Office Agency in 2008 many port-based companies faced business rate bills backdated to April 1, 2005.
Yesterday's Irish Examiner reported that HRI had paid Kavanagh a total of EUR37,550 in backdated bonuses for the years in question, bringing his total bonus payments for those years to EUR122,000.
As a result port-based companies faced backdated rates demands from 2005 which in many instances amounted to hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Concierge officers Terry Dingley, Paul Sharpe and Peter Trayhern and night security officer Patrick Brady were among claimants making the call for backdated allowance payments in the hearing, which was continuing today.
But junior communities minister Bob Neill said scrapping the backdated rates was saving jobs by freeing firms from balance sheet insolvency.
Stuart Warren of CAT Group, whose Teesport car importing subsidiary CAT UK was slapped with an unexpected pounds 500,000 bill in backdated rates, said the decision would save some ports-based companies from potential insolvency.
COUNCIL tenants in Tamworth are to get a backdated rent decrease.
The city council came second top in a national survey for the amount spent in legal fees contesting backdated pay claims.
The Co-op Group's dark side came to light this week, when it asked suppliers for backdated trading terms"
They've read the report on backdated options, and have some more questions.
AN MP was today due to present a petition to Parliament calling on the Government to waive almost pounds 135,000 worth of backdated water charges to hundreds of residents.
s (Minnetonka MN) former chief executive officer William McGuire agreed to pay $30 million to settle a lawsuit brought against the company and individual defendants over backdated stock options.