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make effective from an earlier date

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Are you aware of anyone in the company asking someone on the loading dock to destroy, conceal, backdate or postdate documents?
WATER chiefs are refusing to backdate compensation claims to millions of homeowners overcharged since privatisation.
The leaders of the region's rankand- file officers accused the Redditch MP of reneging on their arbitrated pay deal by refusing to backdate it.
ON January 23, 2008, an estimated 22,000 police officers marched through the streets of London in an unprecedented protest to highlight their outrage against the Government's refusal to backdate a 2.
I am concerned at the way police officers have been treated in contrast to police staff and I hope the Home Secretary will reverse her decision not to backdate their pay rise.
POLICE officers in Huddersfield feel "undervalued and betrayed" by the Home Secretary's decision not to backdate a 2.
Topping that list, he says, would be orders to backdate or shred a document, though he acknowledges that those may be legitimate requests.
Ng said the decision to backdate the move wasn't a mistake or an oversight, but rather an effort to avoid giving Major League Baseball any reason to think the Dodgers were trying to abuse the system by having Gagne serve his suspensionwhen he wasn't physically capable of pitching.
In addition to backdating documents, the indictment also states that Nuyen told his building managers to have tenants sign and backdate forms, and that Nuyen actually gave HUD forms without admitting that some tenant signatures had been written in by the building managers.