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mate a hybrid of the first generation with one of its parents

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Backcrossing Programs: Multiyear programs of backcrossing of phytase and glyphosate tolerance traits into corn varieties from our own product lines as well as several product lines of multinational companies are progressing well.
5 for an FI hybrid, and this value did not vary regardless of whether we ran the program with expectations of backcrossing.
Backcrossing maintains the desired genetic complexes that are already present in adapted genotypes while allowing recombination between exotic and adapted genomes.
Stress factors would have enhanced any behavioural tendencies towards increasing investment in cultivation, and the very process of moving wild rice up to and beyond its natural range may have been fundamental for the process of morphological domestication, since backcrossing with wild forms would have been restricted.
TACF, founded in 1983, has been working for the past 30 years to breed blight-resistant American chestnuts by backcrossing them with Chinese chestnuts, which are naturally resistant to the fungus.
This feature can be explained by 1) incomplete lineage sorting in mtDNA due to recent speciation, and 2) interspecific mtDNA gene flow mediated by hybridization and backcrossing (introgression), or both (Avise, 2000; Funk and Omland, 2003).
Backcrossing the TGF-[beta]1 mice onto mice deficient in the mediators sema7A, BAX, Bid, EGR-1, caspase 3, or caspase 7, or treatment with the caspase inhibitor ZVAD, decreased both apoptosis and fibrosis.
1984) also detected backcrossing of hybrids with the headwater catfish, but suggested that significant introgression between the headwater catfish and channel catfish was not occurring.
the successful adaptation of such genotypes to field condition is more problematic, particularly in the translation of ion exclusion to yield advantage, Introgression of donor germplasm with greater tolerance to particular factors can result in significant transfer of unwanted genetic material, which in turn can have a negative effect on plant performance when compared with the recurrent parent used for backcrossing.
Backcrossing was how the King Ranch bred its famed Santa Gertrudis cattle to produce excellent meat while surviving the harsh south-Texas environment.
By crossing and backcrossing resistance from the wild African species into specially developed hybrids, they developed lines that produce quality fiber and resist the reniform nematode.
This method works well when the inheritance of resistance is conditioned by one or a few genes and the crop-specific breeding system permits backcrossing and self-fertilization for rapid genetic transfer and stabilization.
plants of the initial variety, backcrossing, transformation by genetic