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mate a hybrid of the first generation with one of its parents

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Although the fertilization and development rates obtained from the backcrosses were quite low as a result of the partial sterility of the F1 or backcross hybrids, adequate numbers of backcross hybrids were obtained based on the abundant F1 hybrid parents.
One adult backcross (offspring of a hybrid and a Lesser Spotted Eagle) was trapped in the field whereas genetic analysis suggested breeding of four additional similar backcrosses.
Results of these backcrosses (crosses 7, 8, 12 and 13 in Table 1 revealed the expected 1:1 ratio of the wild type to green thorax.
Backcrosses or segregates from a mass of seedlings might even account for plants such as the form 'macro' shown above.
After repeated backcrosses, the congenic strains carry the DNA of the recipient strain except for one relatively small piece of DNA that is still derived from the second parental inbred strain (i.
In Montana, between 0-22% of sauger from the Missouri River drainage and 0-10% from the Yellowstone River drainage were hybrids or backcrosses.
Analyses of isozyme data show that both F1s and various backcrosses are present.
After two more backcrosses, TACF had a tree which was 15/16 American and 1/16 Chinese, which it hopes will uphold the beauty and adaptability of the American chestnut.
Backcrosses with wild type gave 1:1 segregation patterns for mutant and wild type traits, indicating single genes under Mendelian control.