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mate a hybrid of the first generation with one of its parents

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In Venezuela, hybrid red tilapia (Oreochromis aureus X Oreochromis mossambicus X Oreochromis urolopis honorum) are being backcrossed to ancestral lines in an effort to improve their growth and body shape (FAO unpubl, report).
This project also validated the genetic identity of the backcrossed males as well as female varieties maintained in the US against same-named varieties from the Middle East.
Both APOE3TR and APOE4TR lines were created in an identical fashion and were backcrossed eight generations to a common C57BL6/J genetic background.
Researchers at The Land Institute and Washington State University have crossed these annual species with perennial relatives and backcrossed to the annual to produce thousands of relatively fertile, large-seeded plants.
Those FZ progeny that contain donor DNA in the chromosomal region of interest (identified using marker-assisted methods) are backcrossed to animals of the background strain.
That's what motivated Paul and Long Branch to create their American Chestnut Restoration Project, which produces American and Chinese backcrossed hybrids (25 percent Chinese chestnut to help resist the blight and 75 percent of the American species).
melpomene in the lab and then backcrossed some of the offspring with H.
Today: ACF is on third generation of backcrossed American chestnut hybrids; ACF New York State chapter president Herb Darling says that they're making "major inroads to recovery.
The scientists say greater unknowns exist with the conventionally bred and backcrossed American chestnut, which draws one-sixteenth of its genes from its naturally blight-resistant relative, the Chinese chestnut.