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mate a hybrid of the first generation with one of its parents

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Introgressing gressing multiple QTL in backcross breeding programs of limited size.
Comparison of the observed with the simulated distributions of the parental genome contribution in two marker-assisted backcross programs in rice.
During backcross phase, selected individuals of which two markers are both heterozygosity, during intercrossing phase, selected individuals of which two markers are both homozygosity or heterozygosity.
The theoretical expectation was the occurrence of the following groups representing the F1 generation: P2 was clustered with their descendants (RC5b, RC4b, RC3b, RC2b and RC1b); P1 was grouped with their descendants (RC5a, RC4a, RC3a, RC2a and RC1a); and the backcross generations (RC5, RC4 and RC3) were more similar to the recurring parents than to the RC1 and RC2 generations.
Therefore, to accomplish its mission, the backcross method utilized by TACF gradually builds the proportion of American to Chinese genes to the point that hybrids have obtained at least 15/16 (~94%) of genetic makeup from a C.
The universal feminization observed in mature F 1 hybrids or F2 backcross hybrids made it more convenient for us to obtain pure eggs of hybrids using the same spawning methods described earlier.
Advanced backcross QTL analysis of a Lycopersicon esculentum x Lycopersicon parviflorum cross.
In fact, with the exception of two individuals, marker numbers were more consistent with pedigrees involving three to seven backcross generations rather than the two generations of backcrossing actually employed.
1] hybrids, backcross to erato (BE), and backcross to himera (BH), are highly correlated with a multilocus allozyme hybrid index (Jiggins et al.
Chi-Squared values and probabilities of goodness of fit of segregation ratios of F2 and backcross generations are shown in Table 3.
It was pointed out that except for the number of kernels per spike the mean values of all other traits in the backcross generation with Atilla-12 (BC2) were higher than the mean values of same traits in the backcross generation with the Golia (BC1).
Fery and Thies developed TigerPaw-NR through conventional recurrent backcross breeding, which transferred the gene responsible for root-knot nematode resistance in PA-426, a Scotch Bonnet type of pepper, into PA-350, a classical habanero type.
Idaho 587 is a backcross derivative of the soft white winter wheat cultivar Stephens with genetic tolerance to the imidazolinone class of herbicides developed by the BASF Corporation for use in controlling grassy weeds of wheat and generically given the name 'Clearfield'.
To confirm each backcross, TACF tested the created seedlings by inoculating them with blight.
Also, the hybrids appear to backcross with only one of their parent species,A, cervicornis.