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Synonyms for backbone

Synonyms for backbone

a central cohesive source of support and stability

fortitude and determination

the part of a book's cover that encloses the inner side of the book's pages and that faces outward when the book is shelved


the part of a network that connects other networks together

References in classic literature ?
The knife-edge backbone was deeply serrated, and into one of the notches both men disappeared.
Near the end, Hall and Billy went out of sight over the south side of the backbone, and when Saxon saw them again they were rounding the extreme point of rock and coming back on the cove side.
In the narrow streets the progress of the journey was made sensible to those within by the near fronts of the houses gliding past slowly and shakily, with a great rattle and jingling of glass, as if about to collapse behind the cab; and the infirm horse, with the harness hung over his sharp backbone flapping very loose about his thighs, appeared to be dancing mincingly on his toes with infinite patience.
The ears hung at different angles, negligently; and the macabre figure of that mute dweller on the earth steamed straight up from ribs and backbone in the muggy stillness of the air.
The problem is that this design means that the access points where the backbones (spokes) connect to one another are incredibly congested.
The 10 regional network centers and main nodes are distributed in Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Central China University of Science and Technology, South China Institute of Technology, China University of Electronic Science, Southeast University and Northeast University, which are responsible for operation, management, planning and construction of CERNET regional backbones.
By building metropolitan SONET rings connected to multiple Tier-1 backbone providers, and by having extensive private peering with numerous broadband ISPs, backbones and content providers, Mzima Networks offers its customers the fastest, most reliable connectivity currently available.
Mzima has established itself as a leader in the Asia/Pacific market due to its extensive connectivity with backbones in many countries in the region," said Grant Kirkwood, Chief Technology Officer.
We believe this program will help bring significant choice and innovation to enterprises seeking to deploy heterogeneous storage network backbones as an underlying utility for their business critical applications.
Athletic shoe manufacturer New Balance is one of several Global 2000 customers working with Sandial to construct storage network backbones that operate as an independent utility to align corporate information assets with business goals.
The platform will now also support additional interoperability with multiple protocols to enable service providers to create new revenue-generating applications over their IP and legacy backbones.
This contract reinforces Ericsson's solid relationship with FuJian CT and shows Ericsson's strength in implementing large-scale deployments of IP backbones for global operators.
Service providers want to take advantage of their IP or MPLS backbones while expanding their Layer 2 access revenues," said Sangeeta Anand, senior director of Product Marketing for Cisco's Internet Technologies Division.
Equinix Internet Core Exchange allows ISPs to reach their strategic peer networks within the same facility, greatly enhancing the scalability of their service and reducing the transport costs of linking to other major IP backbones in multiple, disparate locations and over long distances.
Internap analyzes the traffic situation on the Internet and continually selects the path of least resistance -- across all major backbones.