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Synonyms for backbone

Synonyms for backbone

a central cohesive source of support and stability

fortitude and determination

the part of a book's cover that encloses the inner side of the book's pages and that faces outward when the book is shelved


the part of a network that connects other networks together

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Now modest programme-maker Sir David Attenborough's latest TV quest, a two-parter called Rise Of Animals: Triumph Of The Vertebrates, sees him trace the evolution of backboned mammals.
In addition to the national deployment of WiFi3 technology in Sierra Leone, World Affinity Telecom has secured licenses to deliver national WLAN coverage in a number of other Western African countries, including Guinea, where the company plans expansion of a WLAN network, backboned by WiFi3 technology, by the end of 2012.
THE DRAMATIC disappearance of Asian vultures figures prominently in one of the most comprehensive assessment of the world's backboned animals, including birds, reptiles and mammals.
The characters, that range from hero Zebulon "Zeb" Crabtree to an Indian princess and her blind father who hope to win back a prized medicine bag to a morally backboned slave named Ho-John to a broad array of dubious poker players, are sharply chiseled with complex personalities, pasts and motivations.
This trip we found about a dozen new fish, one new bat species, about 10 frogs and this rat, a large backboned animal with fur and four legs which has never been seen before.
nervous system: a collection of cells and tissues (a group of cells working together) that regulates the actions and responses of backboned and many backbone-less animals.
The researchers identified a DNA region made up of 546 base pairs, or "letters" of code, which have barely changed during the evolution of backboned creatures.
Musical semblance was soon reaffirmed in the form of Cover Girl, backboned by a thumping trip-hop drum break and greased beautifully by Hudson's effortless vocal.
NEW boss Mickey Harte takes charge of Tyrone for his first competitive game today, and his side is backboned by Errigal Ciaran players.
Allen's advice, backboned by Team IRG, has propelled their success as they achieved four closings in September and are bringing six new listings to the marketplace in the next month.