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Dan sluiced the pen energetically, unshipped the table, set it up to dry in the moonlight, ran the red knife-blades through a wad of oakum, and began to sharpen them on a tiny grindstone, as Harvey threw offal and backbones overboard under his direction.
He returned to the beach and clambered about, over the rocky backbone, again hunting for me with lighted matches, The closeness of the shave impelled me to further flight.
The ears hung at different angles, negligently; and the macabre figure of that mute dweller on the earth steamed straight up from ribs and backbone in the muggy stillness of the air.
Despite their crucial role in carrying traffic to and from the various ISPs, the last 12 months has brought diminishing market capitalization to many of the biggest names in the ISP backbone market, according to Cahners In-Stat/MDR (www.
Continuing its aggressive rollout of new data services, AT&T announced in January that its OC-192 (10Gbps) IP backbone is now operational.
The newest addition to the Backbone Trail was officially dedicated last week, bringing the total of the proposed 70-mile trail to 64 miles.
Voltaire, the worldwide leader in grid backbone solutions, today announced that it has opened a new office in Beijing, China.
While all of the servers, hubs, and storage subsystems are based on the widely supported Fibre Channel protocol known as FC-AL, the early switch products are based on a newer protocol called "Fabric" and are positioned more for SAN backbone applications and less for storage consolidation applications.
You can spend more time planning - and waiting - or you can get back to the Backbone.
com/reports/c47026) has announced the addition of Backbone Connectivity Messaging Middleware Market Opportunities, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2006 to 2012 to their offering.
Second, the big backbone providers are moving to--or in some cases upgrading existing--fibre, adding new technologies like DWDM to increase bandwidth for the expected spike in demand for broadband services, and to deal with exponentially increasing network traffic.
The Backbone Trail, which climbs the Santa Monica Mountains' panoramic peaks and dips into its lushest valleys, was no match for El Nino.
Voltaire, the worldwide leader in grid backbone solutions, today announced that Sun Microsystems can integrate Voltaire's complete family of switches, routers and host channel adapters into customer-defined solutions and configurations through the Sun Customer Ready Systems (CRS) program, enabling Sun to provide customers with factory-tested ready-to-deploy interconnect solutions for clustered computing.
All are found among the jottings in a trail journal by a Santa Monica Mountains through-hiker (read: me) who traversed every inch of the Backbone Trail in four days this month.
The system includes an innovative self-healing hi-performance backbone ring capable of up to 45 Mbps and available in multiple frequency band options, including the 4.