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Synonyms for backboard

a raised vertical board with basket attached

a board used to support the back of someone or something

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The Tar Heel-logoed backboard and ball is great for family or dorm rooms, offices, sports bars, restaurants, fraternity and sorority houses, anywhere fans want to relive the glory.
Its universal back plate accommodates most 42" and 48" rectangular and fan-shaped backboards and meets both NCAA and NFHS specifications.
The glass backboard shattered into pieces, which scattered as far as center court.
Back when we were kids, in order to play "driveway" basketball, our fathers would have to get a post digger, cement a 12'-long 4 x 4 into the ground, cut out a wooden backboard, buy a metal rim and nylon net--and spend hours nailing and screwing the whole thing together.
Backboards should be a maximum of 16 to 18 inches wide and 72 inches long, preferably with a narrowing taper from the top of the board down to the foot section.
The "pulled-out," or avulsed, teeth occurred primarily if the backboard had been lowered or if the players used objects to raise their take-off area to dunk the basketball.
The game, consists of nineteen stations featuring crazy backboards that require different shots, angles, and strategies.
You'll run across a few different styles of backboards and mounting hardware as well.
They are made of strong, durable steel, wood or unbreakable Lexan backboards, and sturdy or breakaway rims.
The Microsoft Office and Apple iWork plug-ins for Backboard allow users to create Backboards directly from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and iWork Pages, Keynote and Numbers.
Section includes: Basketball Goal operating structure, glass backboards, breakaway goals,
CTC developed similar machinery on its own, which it uses to produce basketball backboards, dumpster lids, snowboards, dunnage, and other products.
Building on its basketball category leadership, Spalding, the world's largest basketball equipment supplier, today announced the signing of two high profile basketball players, one of the top NBA draft prospects Greg Oden (Ohio State) and Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas, to endorse its full line of basketballs and backboards on a worldwide basis.
Tenders are invited for Option #1: Installation of Fiberglass Tennis Backboards; Install/Attach fiberglass backboards to court perimeter fencing.
We took out sliding backboards at $1,500 a piece, TV cabinets at $3,000 a piece.