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a raised vertical board with basket attached

a board used to support the back of someone or something

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Our major goal is to get a fiberglass backboard," Joe said.
Lifetime basketball systems are backed by a five-year warranty, and players can choose a complete system or select from various backboard and rim combinations.
Some schools are still using 48" backboards instead of the recommended 42" boards, which are safer for the players and less apt to break.
His dream is to dunk his way into the NBA, where he hopes to shatter records, not backboards.
Back when we were kids, in order to play "driveway" basketball, our fathers would have to get a post digger, cement a 12'-long 4 x 4 into the ground, cut out a wooden backboard, buy a metal rim and nylon net--and spend hours nailing and screwing the whole thing together.
Some backboards have a square painted on them above the basket.
CTC, which has proprietary technology for compression molding thermoplastics with long-glass reinforcements, has used gas assist on two PP/long-glass parts--a cargo carrier for Reese Products (shown here) and basketball backboards for Huffy Sports.
Basketball backboards should not be lowered to a level at which the face may come in contact with the net, especially in children younger than fourteen years.
The posts and backboards and boundary lines create a pleasing geometric force field (think Robert Mangold for Sports Illustrated).
Thomas has also been in negotiations to purchase a majority interest in Sure Shot International, a Holly, Michigan-based sporting goods manufacturer of basketball backboards, rims and poles and other items.
Bankshot, a cross between basketball, billiards, and miniature golf, is a wacky game that involves banking a basketball off colorful, geometric-shaped backboards and into baskets to score points.
They are made of strong, durable steel, wood or unbreakable Lexan backboards, and sturdy or breakaway rims.
The Microsoft Office and Apple iWork plug-ins for Backboard allow users to create Backboards directly from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and iWork Pages, Keynote and Numbers.
retractable Basketball Backboards and Breakaway Rims at various City of Phoenix facilities.
He played as a kid, he played as a Marine, and later, when he was no longer traveling around the world playing basketball, he drove around looking at busted-up backboards and thinking about how his own passion for the game was born back on Chicago's South Side.