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Sir Michael Lyons is to quit as Birmingham City Council's chief executive next year but insists his decision had nothing to do with politcal backbiting.
When you use language like backbiting and finger-pointing, it just adds to the problem.
There's more bitching and backbiting in half an hour than you'd get in an entire series of The Apprentice.
Insults, backbiting, calls for calm, veiled threats.
That's a change on both counts from last season, which will be remembered as much for injuries and clubhouse backbiting as for the last-place finish.
The friends reunited are about to embark on a world tour but all is not well behind the scenes amid tales of backbiting and tantrums.
She said: 'This kind of service could promote a lot of backbiting and bitching.
Hart's snappy satire, about the antics surrounding a new play opening in Boston, serves up that world with all its backbiting hypocrisies and petty jealousies humorously and mercilessly exposed.
MICHAEL BALLACK has demanded an end to the backbiting he feels has undermined his first year at Chelsea after persuading boss Jose Mourinho he needed last month's controversial ankle operation.
But by yesterday, the Tories were yet again collapsing into a squabbling, backbiting civil war.
Baker was making a broader point that the atmosphere of the upper ranks of management was poisoned by noncooperation and backbiting,'' said Herbert Gooch, chairman of the California Luthern University political science department and longtime city and county government observer.
All this petty backbiting is pathetic at a time when this country needs strong leadership and direction.
And finally, for all you parents tired of the politics and backbiting that goes on in too many youth baseball and softball leagues, stop by Hansen Dam Sports Center in Lake View Terrace beginning July 6 for a refresher course on how these youth sports programs are supposed to work.
BACKBITING and bitchy characters in TV soaps are helping create a climate of bullying and aggression, an expert said yesterday.
Qurishe said Muslims try to refrain from vices such as lying, backbiting, eavesdropping and stealing lustful glances during this month.