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The condemnation we give to the act of cannibalism is the same horror that we should feel when engaging in or even speaking about, backbiting.
The main point in disease treatment is friends choice and acquaintances based on divine authority, this means that if man try to adorned himself with divine morality certainly will causing whitewashing and avoid of backbiting others.
There will be more fiendish challenges, backbiting, and possible meltdowns as the latest inmates come to terms with their televised incarceration.
Charles Peach " said: "I am disgusted by Alex Salmond and David Cameron forhijacking a celebration of our Armed Forces with political backbiting.
Fasting is a great spiritual exercise to control our bad habits or to get rid of them like lying, cheating and above all backbiting.
But we're pleased to see the duo back together, and we can expect more thinly veiled backbiting as this time they swap Britain for Italy, where they've been commissioned to carry out six more of their idiosyncratic restaurant reviews while following in the footsteps of such romantic poets as Byron and Shelley.
Over the week, Andy has been accused of backstabbing and backbiting.
But if there's anything more absurd than lawmakers having originally voted for such a tax, it's the politicking and backbiting that took place on Beacon Hill as they fell over themselves to cast blame, point fingers and place themselves in the best political light possible in the wake of its repeal.
Quran 24:16) Backbiting and slander defined: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once asked: "Do you know what backbiting is?
Why does the Vatican prefer to listen to gossipy, backbiting, reputation-trashing, career-ruining opponents of Vatican II--which these complainers appear to believe is the only council in 2.
S government more than nine months to prepare for a trial after six years of litigious backbiting.
The Northern Irish presenter, who spent an uncomfortable few months immersed in a raging torrent of speculation, gossip and backbiting about her short-lived stint on Daybreak, refuses to die down.
Come Dine with Me Channel 4, Monday, 5pm The cookery show which features a large portion of backbiting returns.
I would like to leave this small discussion of ours with two thoughts: 1) Narrating stories of people who are not in a position to respond to you is backbiting at best and slander at worst.
Instead of indulging in their usual bickering, backbiting and bitching.