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one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel

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Her ability thus reveals this woman to be not a backbiter, but a veritable strategist, whose compelling manipulation of the enemy ends up saving Sidi Mezouar and the villagers in general.
Speculum Vitae's distinction between backbiters and slanderers, its conflation of slander with blasphemy and its insistence that the slanderer renews the suffering of Christ are not unique to its didactic poet.
Although his role in The Castle of Perseverance (circa 1425) has not seemed significant to many previous students of the morality tradition, Backbiter (also referred to as Detractio in the speech-headings and as Flibbertigibbet at lines 775, 1724, and 1733) occupies a complex position in this early English play.
But a variety of sources contemporary with the play portray the backbiter menacing society in a more direct way as a sower of discord.
In the meantime, some pundits are fussing over the fact that a couple of Independent Senators are going to sponsor government bills next week, and others (including backbiters in the political caucuses) are spitting out the notion that one vote in favour of a government bill will for everafter bind that senator to the government's cause.
And with Labour under Jeremy Corbyn ahead in the polls for the first time, the backbiters and doubters need to get behind him and really go for the Tory jugular.
But you can't ignore the world's narcissists, passive-aggressive backbiters, or control freaks.
She's a liar and a cheat and we're gunna prove it to the barristers and the jurors and the backbiters who dragged my name through the mud and who sent a good man to an early grave.
An avuncular figure and notably genial for a man who spends a lot of time dealing with the press, Grimthorpe is straightforward and, in a sport not short of backbiters, genuinely popular across a wide spectrum of folk.
Perhaps the general public would presume scouts are backbiters because they are all chasing so few kids of talent but that certainly wasn't the case with Jack.
other contemporary UNese slave traders, backbiters, apartheidist
Surrounded by an incoherent and bombastic people, backbiters because they're impotent and wits because they lack subject matter, the lecturer from Coimbra (Good God
And against the rest of the backbiters and blame-dodgers, that takes some doing.
Here were no Gibers, Censurers, Backbiters, Pickpockets, Highwaymen, House-breakers, Attorneys, Bawds, Buffoons, Gamesters, Politicians, Wits, Spleneticks, tedious Talkers, Controvertists, Ravishers, Murderers, Robbers, Virtuoso's; no Leaders or Followers of Party and Faction; no Encouragers to Vice, by Seducement or Examples: No Dungeon, Axes, Gibbets, Whipping-posts, or Pillories; No cheating Shopkeepers or Mechanicks: No Pride, Vanity or Affectation: No Fops, Bullies, Drunkards, strolling Whores, or Poxes: No ranting, lewd, expensive Wives: No stupid, proud Pedants: No importunate, over-bearing, quarrelsome, noisy, roaring, empty, conceited, swearing Companions: No Scoundrels raised from the Dust upon the Merit of their Vices; No Lords, Fidlers, Judges or Dancing-masters.