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one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel

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Her ability thus reveals this woman to be not a backbiter, but a veritable strategist, whose compelling manipulation of the enemy ends up saving Sidi Mezouar and the villagers in general.
Although his role in The Castle of Perseverance (circa 1425) has not seemed significant to many previous students of the morality tradition, Backbiter (also referred to as Detractio in the speech-headings and as Flibbertigibbet at lines 775, 1724, and 1733) occupies a complex position in this early English play.
other contemporary UNese slave traders, backbiters, apartheidist
Surrounded by an incoherent and bombastic people, backbiters because they're impotent and wits because they lack subject matter, the lecturer from Coimbra (Good God
And against the rest of the backbiters and blame-dodgers, that takes some doing.
Perhaps these women should be lauded - as the suffragettes once were - as martyrs for future generations who will see that such a catalogue of bitches, backbiters and bruisers were not betraying their sex.
Unpleasant work environment--Employee discontent, high absenteeism, missed production deadlines, accidents, colleagues who are backbiters, complainers, and slouchers all contribute to added stress in the workplace.
He is ready to do good offices to the murderers of his fame, to his slanderers, backbiters, and detractors.
While many in the theatre world have branded John's role in Pride And Prejudice as opportunism, Paul has told the backbiters to leave him alone.
There has also been talk this week that Green has decided against moving to Brunton Park from Hull City at the end of the season, but both he and Collins angrily dismissed the backbiters last night.
There was Falshode, Favell and Sotylte, Ye, theves and hores, with other good company, Lyers, backbiters, and flatterers the whyle.
Tea Cake had more good nature under his toe-nails than they had in their so-called Christian hearts, She better not hear none of them old backbiters talking about her husband
68; and the backbiters hanging by their tongues in oct Patrick's Purgatory, Owayne Miles (OM1), line 81.
Needless to say, he was a controversial figure: Jean Bodin attacked him in 1581 as "the greatest sorcerer of his age,"(51) and four years later Andre Thevet lamented that "had it pleased God that Agrippa should have drowned only himself in that abyss of impiety, we would not today be faced with such a heap of atheists, backbiters and lampooners as this century has produced .