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an acrobatic feat in which the trunk is bent backward from a standing position until the hands touch the floor

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Oliveiro, a Singporean-Australian, made a sultry siren imbued with confident technical dexterity and a backbend that nearly reached the floor.
According to traditional yoga theory, during the first trimester, even experienced yoga practitioners should avoid inversions (such as headstand or shoulder stand) and backbends (even gentle backbends such as fish) as they are believed to increase the risk of miscarriage.
Elaborating on the major exercises that Dhawan does, Manoj said: " He practises pranayam, surya namaskar, headstand, shoulderstand, backbend and other balancing postures.
James toys mercilessly with me and jokes that I'm turning him on when I manage to get a breastbouncing backbend right.
Options include a heart-centered practice, a flowing backbend segment, standing poses, and meditation to promote relaxation.
In illustrations of a backbend, the solar plexus arcs high off the ground, arms and legs strong, creating a perfectly level surface from navel to sternum, as if a cup of tea could balance on the belly without spilling.
blossom's backbend, iris petal the texture of baby's skin.
For those who have found it impossible to perform a proper bow position in yoga (essentially, a backbend with your hands and feet on the floor), it can be particularly rewarding to do it with "wings", because the support of the hammock makes it easier to extend your spine.
The signature move, the dip, is also the most impressive: coming off a backbend or a quadruple spin, voguers propel themselves onto the floor with mach force and land flat on their backs--one foot tucked behind them, one foot straight out or hovering in the air.
One classmate did a backbend over his chair as he read.
Even with slowly worsening symptoms, she can continue striking her favorite poses: a supported backbend, with a block under her sacrum, and an inversion, with her feet on the wall and her back on a bolster.
Preoperative films for a patient with kyphosis would be a scoliosis series (PA/lateral) and a cross-table lateral with the patient in a backbend position over a bolster.
A backbend and a walkover or two later and there were a few more coins jangling in my cap but I couldn't help feeling that my busking days were numbered.
It is hard not to be disheartened watching a girl held upside-down in a mid-air backbend so she can simulate oral sex while hoards of young men surround her.
In backbends partner work, for instance, some teachers encourage partners to touch the groin area, making the teaching quite intense, but nevertheless insightful since major emphasis in the backbend pose is indeed on the groin area.