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an acrobatic feat in which the trunk is bent backward from a standing position until the hands touch the floor

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One classmate did a backbend over his chair as he read.
Even with slowly worsening symptoms, she can continue striking her favorite poses: a supported backbend, with a block under her sacrum, and an inversion, with her feet on the wall and her back on a bolster.
A backbend and a walkover or two later and there were a few more coins jangling in my cap but I couldn't help feeling that my busking days were numbered.
In backbends partner work, for instance, some teachers encourage partners to touch the groin area, making the teaching quite intense, but nevertheless insightful since major emphasis in the backbend pose is indeed on the groin area.
Stretch arms straight up, hands shoulder distance apart, lengthen evenly through torso (you can backbend a little here, although not if you have back problems).
STEP-BY-STEP CRITICISM SIMONE takes issue with a number of things in Helen's video: "Helen does a backbend with the head in the warm-up.
Slowly arching her back, Marcie leaned into a backbend and kicked through a back walkover.
6 client or Domino-attached browser along with some Web-server extensions that enable real-time access of content stored in the backbend Digital Library or VisualInfo repository.
Therapeutic postures such as crocodile (makarasana), thunderbolt (vajrasana), and a simple supported backbend are particularly nourishing and restorative when held for several minutes.
London, May 30 (ANI): A London-based contortionist has created a new endurance world record by holding her entire bodyweight on her mouth in an arduous backbend.
Finally, again push your hands and also your feet into the floor bringing your body into a backbend, lifting from the floor up.
Volume 1 features an introduction to yoga's abdominal and twisting postures, hosted by Marne Semick of Yoga Surf Camp, Kim Haegele from Yoga Works, Jill Miller from Swerves, and Matt Crowder from Power Yoga, with Volume 2 focusing on backbend postures with Rie' Kataguiri and Heather Onori from Forrest Yoga, Stella Valente from Yoga Works, and Marne Semick of Yoga Surf Camp.
Contortionist Zhang Chun Yan does a backbend so severe, she can gaze at the back of her ankles.
As I walk toward one, it opens and a discordant musical sound knocks me into a backbend.
Gail Francis, a 16-year old from Cleveland, Ohio, gave new meaning to the term "limber" when she launched into a backbend and then twisted herself into a "bird's nest.