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a member of the House of Commons who is not a party leader

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Fellow backbencher Guto Bebb added: "The changes are eye-wateringly painful and reverse a key policy platform of making work pay.
Nigel Mills spoke out after fellow Tory backbencher Daniel Kawczynski wrote to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith urging him to review the policy, which docks cash from the Housing Benefit payments of social housing tenants who are deemed to have more bedrooms than they need.
Coleman is backed by a rebel group of backbenchers who are pushing for the overturning of the controversial law changes proposed by Abbott and Senator Brandis.
In an apparent effort to appease Conservative backbenchers calling for tougher measures in the new legislation, Theresa May has tabled an amendment to allow the removal of a UK passport from any person whose conduct is deemed "seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the UK".
The Labour party is to vote with the government to help defeat an attempt by rebel Tory backbenchers to reimpose work restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians until 2018.
Part of the role of the backbenchers is to criticise the government.
Tory backbencher Douglas Carswell tabled a motion of no confidence in Mr Martin as Speaker, bearing the signatures of 15 MPs from the three major parties.
is for cordless hammer drill: bought for pounds 15 by a Labour backbencher.
The Taoiseach needs to listen to the public and respond to what they're saying and what his own backbenchers are saying," the backbencher said.
And Wansbeck Labour backbencher Denis Murphy employs partner Grace Boyle as his senior researcher and Parliamentary assistant and his daughter Deborah Scott as a part-time junior secretary.
And a call from Labour backbencher Peter Bradley for a formal election with each candidate issuing a manifesto is gathering support.
Backbencher Mark Field said if ministers failed to act, having raised the issue in public, they would simply fuel the disillusionment of voters who turned away from the party in Eastleigh.
It is the first time a backbencher has won the award.
Senior Labour backbencher Sir Stuart Bell said there was "a sense of grievance" at the way the rules had been changed against the principles of "natural justice".
Senior Labour backbencher Barry Sheerman said Labour needed to get its "act together" and stop blaming its difficulties on the MPs' expenses scandal.