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a member of the House of Commons who is not a party leader

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Other parliaments around the world regularly see party leaders and prime ministers dumped when their own backbenchers grow tired of them.
is for pizza wheat: bought from a Bodum shop in Oxfordshire for pounds 3 by a Tory backbencher.
Another Labour backbencher, Kate Hoey, said: "By-elections are always unique but there is no doubt about it that this is a bad result.
One Fianna Fail backbencher described the poll figures as "a living nightmare", and warned the Cabinet must now take stock of the concerns of the public and their own TDs.
Labour backbencher David Winnick also warned Gordon Brown was risking creating more divisions in his party by "foolishly" pushing ahead with the plan.
Labour backbencher Jim Cousins is to rebel against the Government's new anti-terror laws for the second time inside a week.
Corbyn WES STREETING BACKBENCHER Mr Corbyn's camp condemned the behaviour of a number of Labour MPs, including John Woodcock for dismissing him as a "f***ing disaster" and Tristram Hunt for describing Labour as "in the s***" - and called on Mr Smith to do the same.
A Labour backbencher takes to their feet and asks the First Minister if he would agree that his government is doing an excellent job in fixing the economy and creating jobs and growth, and that it stands in stark contrast to the "ConDems" at Westminster, who are gleefully slashing public services and playing fast and loose with our children's futures.
SNP backbencher Christine Grahame has often accused the Army of recruiting youngsters from deprived areas.
B is for BREAD BIN: Labour backbencher claimed for a 20 pounds one in 2007.
Labour backbencher David Winnick also warned that Gordon Brown was risking creating more divisions in his party.
Access to Cabinet ministers always makes backbenchers feel they are loved,' said one senior backbencher.
Labour backbencher Sir Stuart Bell claimed there was "a sense of grievance" at the way the rules had been changed.
A LABOUR backbencher yesterday called openly for Cabinet ministers to come out and challenge Gordon Brown for the leadership, while even loyalist MPs admitted they were facing a "fight for our political lives".
Labour Party Chief Whip Hillary Armstrong hauled one backbencher into her Downing Street residence for 45 minutes to scold him for signing an Early Day Motion.