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TRIBUTE band the Backbeat Beatles took to the Liverpool skyline to recreate the Fab Four's 1969 rooftop concert.
The core of this set of Beatles is Backbeat, with Chris O'Neill (a vocally passable Paul), Paul Mc-Donough (visually John but lacking Lennon's nasal twang), Gary Harmon (George) and Dave Reilly (Ringo - but looking uncannily like the Rutles' Barry Wom).
I will never forget the night I was a member of The Backbeats.
The atmosphere was simply electric and that is all The Backbeats need to play their hearts out kicking off a stunning two hour showcase with I Saw Her Standing There on the very stage Paul played that song on his 1999 Rocking into the Millennium concert.
This carefully constructed show had everything, after all The Backbeats are fine musicians in their own right as the group Water.
MUSICIAN and actor Chris O'Neillis one of the Backbeat Beatles, who will be playing the Cavern on John Lennon Day -December 9.
The Backbeats ran t hrough all the early Beatle classics, from Please Please Me and She Loves You to I Wanna Hold Your Hand with their usual aplomb but the added bonus of the Cavern venue made it even more exciting.
Even t hough the Backbeats ran through the likes of Sgt Pepper and Revolution s till wearing their Cavern era gear, they pulled it off with style because at the end of t he day, it's the music that really counts and t hat's where other tribute bands fail.
Some tribute bands specialise in a particular era but the Backbeats prove they can do the whole lot.
The Backbeat Beatles may not yet have the experience of the older Bootleg Beatles but they perfectly capture the youthful cheekiness of the fab four in their Cavern Club heyday.
Straight on Till Morning'' codifies all the things that made Blues Traveler's last album, 1994's ``Four'' (the one with the hit ``Runaround''), so fresh: shuffling backbeats, vamps that slink and soar in the manner of the Allman Brothers, high-intensity exchanges between harmonica and guitar.
So from the Backbeat moniker that began from this Telegraph column, to Backbeat Call up the Groups evenings, we now present The Backbeat Society, to organise and mobilise all musicians from the 1950s to the 1980s.
The Backbeat Beatles are one of those bands who are making a name for themselves as Liverpool's very own cheeky chappie emulating the Fab Four.
And as I watched the Backbeat Beatles and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra come together in tribute to the greatest band in the world I had to wonder whether someone had slipped a little something into my hugely overpriced glass of wine as well.